Hey Everyone, Have Some Pics And Video From The Wii U Launch

It's been a while since I've been to a midnight launch, but I vividly remember the one I attended for the first Wii. No-one was dressed up, there wasn't free pizza. It was basically a group of really tired people in a line not talking to each other. #hypetrain

If the video and pics supplied by Nintendo are anything to go by, this one seemed like an amazing party of some kind. The type where you post pics on Facebook and everyone talks about how enriching your life must be. They all click 'like'.

To be honest though, I'm not sure this was completely representative of the midnight launch experience. These are pics of the special fancy ones Nintendo organised. Looks like people enjoyed themselves at least.

Also — you won't believe this — someone dressed up as Mario.


    Zubat cosplay is the best

      The Kid Icarus was actually probably the best, but it doesn't look so awesome in that pic. :)

    I'm starting to wonder if premature balding is caused by lack of mature sex.

      its not... i'm married and get it enough (another myth busted?) and yet i have a rather large receding hair line :P

      oh and i'm 27...

        It's just a myth because it's actually kids that create bald hair. And who has the most kids? Studs! ;)

    Found out I can get scribblenauts on pc, no need for wii u now.

    Is it just me or does the vid have no sound?

    How does that giant Mario see?? It looks like maybe the eyebrows are see-through.

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