Mass Effect: The Graphics Adventure

Remember when Jennifer Hepler said that she wished there was an option for players to skip the action parts and go straight to the dialogue? Remember how the internet went to war and there was nought bout smoke and embers when the dust subsided. Yeah, good times. After playing Mass Effect 3 and getting quickly bored of the shooting sequences, I sort of agreed with her. So it looks like this fan-made Mass Effect graphic adventure version might be right up my alley.

It's called Finding Shepard, and takes Jack as its protagonist. It's based on the post-Mass Effect 3 'destroy' universe and features Jack rescuing Shepard.

I have a real soft spot for graphic adventures, so I'll be keeping an eye on the progress of this one. Looks interesting.

Thanks Joystiq


    Loving the art style. And although it's fanfic, the last 30min of ME3 felt like a fanfic anyway, so it won't be a drop in storytelling either.

    This would be more compelling if I could mod for FShep... Hmmmm.

      shutup no one cares - it was the first I heard of it, from reading marks post

    I love Jack and was really disappointed with the romance in ME3. This will be the very best thing ever.

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