TV News PWN3D By Dodgy Graphic

A news program on Norwegian channel NRK got a little more than it bargained for last month when its producers needed a graphic for an eye chart.

With just a few letters it stops being a serious report about eyesight and quickly looks just like a night spent playing Battlefield on the PC.

OMG! Eye Test Chart PWN3D TV Station [Neatorama]


    I dont *snicker* see it.

    PWN3D indeed.

    LMAOWROTF indeed :P

      W >_>
      Where did you come from!!! :lol

    I guess if they speak Norwegian those initialisms wouldn't mean anything to them?

      Stuff like this is very commonly exported to other countries thanks to the internet, even if they don't make as much sense in the local language.

        PiMan is right. ROFL, LOL and LMAO are extremely common in other countries, and although the others are rarer, they wouldn't be unheard of.

          That said, I was speaking to a 30 something co-worker just last week who had absolutely no idea what this "LOL" was that had been included in an email they had gotten. Incredibly they weren't the only one in the office who didn't know what it meant.

            i know heaps of people who thought LOL meant lots of love. eg my mum she always used to finish her texts to me with LOL in her attempts to be that "cool mum" i was very puzzled by it when reading them. "ill pick you up in 10 minutes LOL" me: "Mmmm is she trolling me?"

    OMG WTF i can't read the bottom, I'm blind!!



    BINGO! Found it if anyone wants to pull this in a local TV station :P

    Hey, can you link pics in the comments?


    Guess not.

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