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Confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik was legally insane when he killed nearly 80 people, many children, during a bombing and shooting rampage in Norway in July, according to a psychiatric evaluation ordered by the court, the Associated Press reports.


About three years ago I interviewed a group of soldiers deployed in Afghanistan about gaming on the battlefield. Here were three men, fully trained soldiers, trained in combat, who spent most of their spare time LANing Modern Warfare on their laptops.

"Why do you guys spend so much of your time," I began, tactfully, "playing a video game that attempts to replicate the kind of real, terrible violence you guys have to deal with day in and day out?"

Their response was uniform and shocking.

They laughed at me.


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These two clips are commercials for Dent Oi, a brand of Norwegian mints. Mint fans will love the house-crushing taste on display, but it may be of even more interest to fans of PSP strategy series Patapon.


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There's a big TV show called America's Got Talent. Britain's Got Talent too. Even Norway has it, and we like Norway's the best, as it's the only one with uncomfortable live renditions of a song from Ocarina of Time.


Moods of Norway, a fashion design firm, is out to save the world from a fashion crisis. At least, that's the point of the LittleBigPlanet level it designed in collaboration with a Norwegian PlayStation distributor. The level's published and ready for you to play and, I assume, won't be taken down because it references third party IP. Although it'd be hilarious if it did.


Folks in Norway who preferred buying video games at the local Free Record Shop instead of GameStop will soon have no real choice in the matter, as GameStop announces an agreement to purchase 100% of the Norwegian branch of the popular retailer. All 49 FRS locations throughout Norway will undergo rebranding once the transaction closes early next month. Says GameStop CEO, Dick Fontaine:

"We look forward to expanding our productive business model in the Norwegian market and partnering with the knowledgeable and energetic store personnel at Free Record Shop. This transaction is another step in our strategy of bringing more video game stores to growth markets around the world."

Not sure how rebranding existing video game stores are GameStop counts as "bringing more", but then I suppose I am not the CEO of a large company. Free Record Store also has locations in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Finland, though it wouldn't surprise me if this agreement were only the first step in a move to acquire those as well.