Norway Killer’s Court Testimony Reveals How He Used Call Of Duty To Train

Norway Killer’s Court Testimony Reveals How He Used Call Of Duty To Train

It’s already a matter of record that Anders Behring Breivik wrote about using Call of Duty to hone his marksmanship before he shot 69 people to death last year. But yesterday he testified in a Norwegian court about the roles that the FPS series and World of Warcraft played in his life leading up to the attack.

According to a report in The Guardian, Breivik said he used COD to practise “target acquisition” and trained with a holographic weapon sight like those used in military organisations all over the world:

“If you are familiar with a holographic sight, it’s built up in such a way that you could have given it to your grandmother and she would have been a super marksman. It’s designed to be used by anyone. In reality it requires very little training to use it in an optimal way. But of course it does help if you’ve practised using a simulator.”

The confessed mass murderer also talked about WoW, defending the MMO against claims that it had anything to do with the skills he used to plan last summer’s attacks:

“Some people like to play golf, some like to sail, I played WoW. It had nothing to do with 22 July. It’s not a world you are engulfed by. It’s simply a hobby.”

” WoW is only a fantasy game, which is not violent at all. It’s just fantasy. It’s a strategy game. You co-operate with a lot of others to overcome challenges. That’s why you do it…”

In his remarks to the court, Breivik said that the year living at home with his mother playing WoW allowed him to work on his 1500-plus page manifesto and that Blizzard’s hit MMO provided a smokescreen for the “suicide action” he was planning:

I played on the idea that: ‘Ooh, I’ve become addicted to games.’ That was my primary cover.”

Family members of some of Breivik’s victims — many of whom were children — were in the courtroom. When the prosecution asked the killer how he thought they might be feeling, he replied by saying, “They are probably reacting in a natural way, with disgust and horror.”

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Anders Breivik ‘trained’ for shooting attacks by playing Call of Duty [The Guardian — thanks James!]


  • First of all, this guys gone mad. also COD is not a simulator and he wouldn’t be able to get an actual feel for the gun without firing a real one.

  • Why Anders? Why do you have to mention everything that I enjoy? Stop it.

    I completely agree with ben!
    I bet his next statement will be “I also enjoy reading Kotaku” BAN ALL KOTAKU!

    • I don’t see why its such a big deal, in the grand scheme of things most murderers haven’t been gamers.

      Doesn’t that count for anything?

  • Seriously, the man is sick and thinks that reality is his own play pen.

    This goes without saying but I will do so anyway – you take life lessons and apply them to games but you can *NEVER* do the reverse.

    That is why these statements by people who say their learned this via Game X falls flat. The transition of knowledge to the real world does not exist.

  • The only “training” that COD would have helped him with is desensitised him to the violence. COD didn’t make him do what he did, he still would have done it.

  • Awesome, not only does this guy kill innocent people, but now he’s ruining FPS.

    “I played Chess, that’s how I learnt strategy”.

  • What I find most terrifying about Breivik is precisely how sane and reasonable the majority of his testimony sounds. Obviously I don’t agree with his philosophies and everything he’s done is horrifying and there’s something deeply wrong somewhere, but what testimony has been shared does not sound like the wild ramblings of a mad man. He is not lacking self-awareness and can obviously differentiate from games and reality.

    I hope the media stops banging the games angle on this soon. I don’t think people are biting the bait on this issue anymore, and they’re barking up the wrong tree if they want to try and understand what made Breivik tick.

  • Reading the article today in the Herald Sun it said, ‘Breivik played World of Warcraft in order to improve his proficiency with firearms.’

    Another reason to burn that paper.

  • anybody who has played cod has at least once in their life has imagined what it would be like to actually do what he did. i know its wrong and evil and i would never do it, but he is is one fucked up individual to actually go theough with it and feel no remorse…

  • He played CoD to train/remind himself to watch for people trying to shoot him in the back, which happens 80% of the time.

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