Norway Mass Murderer Demands Better Video Games In Prison

Norway Mass Murderer Demands Better Video Games in Prison

Anders Behring Brevik killed 77 people in Norway in 2011. Since he said that he used Call of Duty to practise his aiming and World of Warcraft to hide his plans, video games have been became part of the story of his horrific crime. Now, 18 months into a 21-year prison sentence, he's demanding that his PS2 be upgraded to a PS3.

In a November 2013 letter to prison authorities obtained by Agence France-Presse, Brevik is threatening to go a hunger strike because he believes he's being treated "worse than an animal." Brevik's list of demands includes access to better consoles and better games:

Norway Mass Murderer Demands Better Video Games in Prison

"Other inmates have access to adult games while I only have the right to play less interesting kids games. One example is "Rayman Revolution", a game aimed at three-year-olds."

Brevik believes he is better behaved than most prisoners — who he is kept away from — and deserves more liberties as a result. The convicted killer — who hinted at retaliation from European right-wing extremists if he dies — says he's being unfairly "tortured." The convicted killer refers to himself as a "human rights activist, too."

"You seem to think that we — all human rights activists who fight for one fundamental human right (cultural self-determination) — ... are Nazi monsters who should be pushed into suicide," he wrote.

He also groused that he wanted a better chair and access to a PC, instead of the typewriter he's currently restricted to.

[Original article and images of letter via Agence France-Presse]

Picture: AP Photo/Frank Augstein


    He's a great advertisement for capital punishment, that's for sure

    Give him Hello Kitty Rollercoaster Adventure.

    Give him Sonic 2006, Superman 64, Bubsy 3D, Zelda CD-i, Shaq-Fu, Big Rigs Off Road Racing. and to Wash it all down E.T on Atari.

    He really should be pushed into suicide. He should be pushed, and they should call it suicide.

      Hahaha, that was very cleverly written, nice.

      But if wants the privileges of having access to luxuries such as PC's and PS3's, maybe he shouldn't murder several dozen people...

    Request denied.

    Give him a PS3, with Aliens: Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem Forever. That sounds like justice.

      He's already been on one killing spree, we don't want to push him into another one.

    I think when you kill 77 of your fellow human beings, saying "Im boooooooooooooooreeeeed" seems just that bit more petulant and whiny. Suck it up Captain Crapforbrains and enjoy the splendor of Barbies Beach-house Vacation for the Amiga, a game 77 other people will never get to play.

      I fully agree with your sentiment but I must ask, do you listen to the Bugle because I am reading your comment in their voices...

        Nope, never heard it before. Ill check out their podcast though, cheers :D

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? When you commit a crime, especially one as bad as this, you give up your basic rights and freedoms. If he hadn't murdered 77 people then he could play whatever he wants, but he did murder those people so he should suck it up and get over it. I'd rather be stuck with a PS2 and kids games than be dead.

    save a few dollars on prison guards, Give him an XBone and let the kenect watch over god, I think I just revolutionised the entire prison system.

    If I was Kotaku, I would have thought twice before publishing this article. Anders Brevik committed an awful series of murders in an attempt to gain media and public attention. By publishing articles like this, Kotaku are inadvertently legitimising his methods in the eyes of his peers. I think he should be completely ignored, now that we have locked him up and thrown away the key.

    Last edited 15/02/14 1:35 pm

      It's a myth that spree-killers are always in it for the attention. Some do it for the attention, some do it for personal reasons, some mock arguments like yours, and others take great lengths to make sure nobody knows why they did it.

      This is news, relating to gaming, on a gaming news site. There is no reason to ask Kotaku AU to self-censor themselves on an unproven hypothesis.

        No, it's not "news", nor are any of the other sensationalist pieces which this site tends to (absent mindedly) publish from time to time.

        Have you read his manifesto? Brevik wants his 'story' spread as far and wide as possible. We have become an enabling force. The media self censors all the time when they arent interested in the story. I suggest we just not be interested in the sort of person who can commit this sort of atrocity.

        Last edited 15/02/14 3:59 pm

          Why would anyone read his manifesto? Think about what you're saying before you open your typing mouth.

    I say give him a Virtual Boy.

    His sentence is for 21 years for killing 77 people, or about 14 weeks per person.

    Give this fuckwit an Atari Jaguar.

    I like though that they banned him from Mature games - he's clearly not able to handle them.

    If its the rayman im thinking of that's a bloody good game. Don't know what he is complaining about. Should be thankful he has something to play at all.

    How about a C64 and Barbie?

    He's a sociopath and he's trolling them. Best thing they could is just politely deny. He wants a shitstorm, just don't give him one.

    He may be a mass murderer, but leaving him with only kids games is a little rough...

    Give him Flappy Bird...

    Isn't he some anti Muslim, give him Prince of Persia lol

      Because people who don't like Islam would also be against Zoroastrianism?

        I'm sure they would coz I'm sure their just racist regardless of what religion they really follow.

    The only thing he deserves is to be gang raped and shived in the shower. Occulus riff enabled!

    Give him a phone with flappy bird installed :p

    The "Other kids get to play cool games" attitude didn't even work on my parents, so good luck to him if he thinks it'll work on prison wardens (or whoever signs off on these).

    Last edited 15/02/14 7:38 pm

    He has video games in prison? Come the fuck on - prison is supposed to be punishment for whatever law you've broken or atrocities you've committed.

    He's only going away for 21 years?? He should at least get 1 year per person murdered...

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