Twisted Metal Will Require An Online Pass After All

The creator of venerable car-combat series Twisted Metal had hoped that the game's upcoming PlayStation 3 reawakening would not be subjected to an "Online Pass" — a single-use code unlocking online multiplayer access to the game. David Jaffe admitted it wasn't his decision though, and Sony proved him right. Twisted Metal will indeed know the code.

The Gamers Hub, getting a look at the game, confirmed with a QA lead that Twisted Metal needs an Online Pass. That means all used copies, unless you're lucky and whoever had the one you bought didn't redeem the code, will have to fork over an additional $US10 through PlayStation Network if they want to get online.

In December, Jaffe had argued that the game's heavy multiplayer focus makes it important that gamers face as few barriers to getting online as possible. Evidently, Sony had other priorities.

Twisted Metal to Include PSN Pass [The Gamers Hub via Joystiq. h/t Commenter]


    Online codes are stupid. I leant a bunch of my games to my dad and when I got them back a few weeks later he told me they were fun, but expensive. I asked him how he knew how much I paid for them, and he said that he meant the online access passes were expensive, and the DLC and the rest. Apparently he had spent about $150 on online access codes and DLC, just for the games I lent him. It's so frustrating. I thought I was doing him a favor by lending him the games, he thought games were like arcade machines, "insert credit card to continue playing" :(

      Gonna call bullshit on that one. I have yet to see a console game where you have to pay money to keep playing, especially on disc games. And no-one would be so stupid as to think the only way to progress in a game was to load up a games market, search for a game, and then pay money to download the DLC which clearly say "Map Pack" or "Character Pack".

    Similar to Jane above, my biggest problem with these codes is you can't loan the game to someone. First they remove demos from business as usual, then they make it impossible to loan the (full) game to someone.

    My brother wanted to borrow Battlefield 3 off me and I felt like such a killjoy when I explained the concept of an online pass to him. Coupled with the fact that the singleplayer campaign was balls, he didn't bother borrowing it.

    It really isnt that hard to put in the code or pay an extra 10, but still..Call of duty doesnt make you put in a code before you stat headshotting. There is something that is subconsciously offputting about the online pass idea, I thing it worked negatively for Resistance 3. This is the wrong move sony!

    I can see why people don't like em but i have no real problem with them.

    If online is only accessible by code however, they should make online trophies not required for platinum, like DLC ones currently are.

      Yeah because you play at home on your own. Its a hassle for people who like to take gam,es to freinds and family homes to play with them without having to change there psn setup with your own log in details thats why. These passes are just a another revenue oulet and nothing more.

    Ive preorded already, so im good. (mainly for the bonus TM Black)
    But online passes suck! For all the reasons everyone has already stated

    When the developer and producer are being cut out of the profits when game stores sell second-hand copies of these games at reduced prices, it is only reasonable that they come up with something else to recoup the costs involved in maintaining the server and customer support for multiplayer

      It's a specious and incorrect argument. When a player sells a game they are no longer using the multiplayer servers. There is only ever one player using the servers.

      Why is this not a hassle for other second markets and why was this never an issue 10 years ago.

    As long as it has split screen local multiplayer who cares? The joy of these games is being in the same room as your friends/foes. Playing on the one console on the one screen.

    I wish would stop showing the US prices for these passes and start showing OZ prices as we pay at least $15.95 for these passes not US $10 thats an increase of 50-60% more.

    i dont see why developers or publishers dont also add an online trial with a time limit or limitations to allow those who are just borrowing the game to at least get to try online for free. Of course it would be better if they could have access to online without any limitations, but if online passes are here to stay, the least they could do is give consumers the opportunity to at least try it or have some access to it, rather than force them to pay for something they wont use much of

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