What Does Your Favourite Game Say About You? As A Person?

Sadly, it seems I missed Slacktory's excellent "What Your favourite Video Game (Series) Says About You" feature from a few weeks back.

Sure, not every one of them is entirely accurate - or even remotely accurate - but the ones it gets right, it gets right. And even the ones it gets wrong can be pretty funny.

Some of the best include:

Leisure Suit Larry: You forward jokes about Obama to your family.

Portal: You've started a Twitter hashtag game.

BioShock: You're not an arsehole, you just think that without government subsidies of big business, capitalism would be less vilified.

Battlefield: You don't give a shit about craft beers.

Mirror's Edge: You eat dark chocolate.

Gran Turismo: Sometimes you have to recite parts of the alphabet to yourself.

See? Pretty gooooooodddd. Check the full list out below.

What Your favourite Video Game (Series) Says About You [Slacktory]


    bahahaha, made me laugh
    i love reading the comments of everyone flipping out, not realising that this is basically a troll article, then the author keeps on trolling them
    good stuff :P

    Haha, I love the GTA, L4D & Fallout

    Kingdom Hearts series are my fav games, not on the list

    I guess this is one of those things where it doesn't work for 99% of the people, but 1% of the people out there are going "Holy crap! How did he know!?"

    But I haven't started a Twitter hashtag game...

    Mirror's Edge isn't my favourite game, but I enjoyed it more than most..and yes I eat dark chocolate exclusively (“Holy crap! How did he know!?”)

    Haha, excellent :D

    "Age of Empires: You’ve read Guns, Germs and Steel." Love it.

    Also the one for Deus Ex.

    "Wii Sports: You have other couples over for “taco night”." - Holy fuck that is so true.

    Counter-Strike: You’re really nice to your dog.

    Haha I don't get it.

    Where is the one about people too indecisive to have a favourite? I guess I could almost fit with Zelda, though that's not my favourite. Or Battletoads. Or MIrrors Edge. But I've never played that.

    "Leisure Suit Larry: You forward jokes about Obama to your family."

    Who's favorite game is Leisure Suit Larry? and what does that have to do with jokes about Obama?

    I should think it would be something more like "Your favorite movie is Weekend at Bernies" or something ... :-P

    My wife loves Katamari and she IS on of those birds that stays thin no matter what she eats

    I like how the word "asshole" (in the linked article) is localised for this extract. Nice work, Kotaku AU!

    yay monkey island is there

    That linked article was so bad I think you just gave me cancer.

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