What The Hell Is Sonic Doing In This Insurance Ad?

This is appropriate. Every time I'm out speeding around and run into something, I feel like I've lost all my rings, too.

Apparently US firm Progressive Insurance is starting an ad campaign featuring Sega's mascot getting a scolding from Flo (cosplayed at DragonCon 2010.) Why exactly, who can tell. If they actually took a look at Sonic's driving record in something like, oh, City Escape, I'm pretty sure his premium would be about $US623. Per hour.

And OMG CONTINUITY ERROR: This is modern Sonic, yet he remains mute like old Sonic.

[h/t Jesse M.]


    ... Is there a different Flo for Australia and America then..?

    The magic is ruined!

      Our Flo is definately better. Still that blooody cool ad

        Our Flo is like 50x better.

    We have a Flo? Link?

      If it's that Kitty chick then Flo is way hotter.

    ah... ah SELLOUT** excuse me...

    Sega, Hard up for a few bucks. This is pretty disgraceful. The iconic badass character of the 90's now works for an insurance company.

    They told me growing up would be hard.

      A guy like Sonic needs good insurance but at what cost? That's where Progressive comes in with SAVINGS. Right now they're offering a premium deal on health insurance that covers you against spike damage, running into robotic animals, coin loss, running out of time and death by guy with crazy moustache in massive killing machine.

      That's not disgraceful. That's Progressive™

        Ring loss.


          Mark, Logan, Tracey? Somebody edit that please.

          This is what I get for multitasking...that Cracked article was right.


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