You Might Soon Be Playing Games On Your Car Window

When I was a kid, on long road trips I had to look out the window and like it. When I worked in childcare, kids would go home with a Game Boy in their hands. My kids, of course, might ride with something even cooler: games on their car windows.

This concept video from General Motors shows how researchers at the company are working on using current technology to spice up the humble car window by turning it into a giant tablet screen, complete with games for the kids and social networking tools for adults.

It's not perfect by any means. I'd imagine that the point-of-view of someone actually sitting in the seat, instead of a camera ideally placed on the other side of the car, won't have such a perfect view. Still, it's definitely something worth looking at, especially if you've got kids and ever have to drive more than 20 minutes at a stretch.


    Because what we all need is more ways to look goofy at the traffic lights.

    I'm not drunk, just playing vidya.

    wouldn't putting a tablet on the back of the seat in front of you make more sense. Such as where many portable DVD players are currently positioned.

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    Ignoring how difficult it would be to focus on the image instead of the glass, this is a terrible idea for the simple reason that other drivers are going to see that window. We already have too many street signs as it is; there's no way this will pass roadworthy testing.

    That said, it's stupid awesome tech and I can't wait to see it in things like sunglasses, or home windows - just not cars. Maybe trains, buses or planes, where the window is out of the way of other drivers, that could be cool, especially if they can make it one way - from the outside, it's a standard train going through the city, but from inside, it's going through the ocean because it can.

      I would love to have such screens on trains but they would be constantly vandalised.

      I think it's a good idea for cars, just in a different capacity. It could be used excellently to provide an interactive HUD. Just have to design it in a way that won't cause even more car crashes :P

    I can see it now... "Your car window, running on WINDOWS!''

    It'll give Blue screen of death a whole new meaning...

      If anything went wrong with the car you could close all open windows and re-"boot", it. You just don't want the engine to crash.

    I had this as a kid, it was call imagination.

      I still have that! The scary thing now is that I'm the driver...

    A game that would be pretty sweet for this would be a dynamically generated side scrolling platformer that used the real background as the basis for the levels, it could generate interaction objects that would let the onscreen character apparently interact with stuff in the real world (jump on the top beam of a bridge for example). It'd be a bit of a resource hog to analyse & dynamically render objects to map to real terrain

    I hate cleaning finger prints off car windows. Just look at your Ipad after a good session, this will be your car windows ten fold.

    I would be more interested in on windscreen GPS than passenger entertainment, that would be a much bigger leap forward than gaming on the window, plus it would be much more roadworthy.

    It looks like a poor-man's rip-off of Toyota's "Window to the world" which at least lets people "interact" with scenery - shown in what looks like a real, moving car. Sure it's not colour - but way cooler -


    Did anybody else think how uncomfortable and awkward it looked sitting facing forward but turning/twisting to "draw" or swipe or point on the window thats at eyelevel to your left.

    Lots of that would really really suck. Transplanting the UI and interaction from one pop-tech product to another emerging one with it's own unique properties and uses seems ... crude. Like their imagination can't escape a box.

    I'll stick with watching the rain drops chasing each other to the bottom thank you very much.

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