Correct Video Card Settings Make A Big Difference In Razer Blade’s Performance

Correct Video Card Settings Make A Big Difference In Razer Blade’s Performance

After posting my initial impressions of gameplay on the Razer Blade yesterday, company reps contacted me to make sure my video card was working properly. It was not. Now it is, and my impressions have been updated.


  • It’s an over priced turd, Granted it’s a shiny one but it’s still a turd.
    You can buy a fully optioned Clevo Horize from LBO for way less than the Razer Blade, I brought one it’s just as portable as any other laptop I have owned and it performs better than my desktop machine.

    At the end of the day your paying for a gimic with low range specs.

  • I have a 555m GT in my M14x.

    If it was on optimus it would be using the onboard integrated intel graphics card and would achieve single digit fps.

    I have overclocked my GPU and play BF3 in a mix of high to med @ 1600×900 and my machine has a 3GHz Intel Core i7 2740M Processor, I get a range of 28-42 fps.

    To even suggest they can play BF3 on 1920×1024 @ 30 fps is a joke, a paid joke and I feel sorry for the people that buy into it.

      • I bought mine in June last year. I was looking for a decent gaming rig I with easy mobility to cart around to mates place.

        All reasons are relative 😉

        Positives: Awesome build quality, great performance (slight overclock EVGA lets me play all the modern games comfortably without voiding the warrenty at the native resolution of 1600 x 900), have the 3 year warrenty with Dell; you do pay extra but gives me piece of mind, wireless performs perfectly, Kipisch speakers are fantastic for a laptop, mobility is second to none. Screen is gorgeous, optimus lets you have a longer battery life wihtout the 555m Gt chewing up all the power

        Negatives: Due to whats under the hood a decent cooling system was needed which means the fan is a beast and can get quite loud, any headphones can negate that though so I don’t find it a problem

        I’m extremely happy with my purchase, you can get cheaper more powerful laptops elsewhere but if you have the spare cash the warrenty, build quality and super solid performance is well worth.

        If you are seriously considering purchasing it I would wait for the next model, I got the M14x R1 (revision 1) R2 should be out soon and will fix the kinks and beef up performance for the same price.

        Any other questions, ask away

  • All i want to know is if the blade’s PSU will work in australia or do i need a transformer!? i cant wait for the aus release !

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