Five Amazing Game Soundtracks For As Little As $1

Five Amazing Game Soundtracks For As Little As $1

Hey, why should indie game developers get to have all the bundling fun? Game composers should get to experience the joy of bundling too. I’m glad to see that they finally are.

The folks behind the recent first-ever Indie Game Music Bundle are back with… can you guess the name? The Indie Game Music Bundle 2! This one has five truly great soundtracks, which you can download for any price you’d like to pay.

You’ll get the music from Aquaria, To The Moon, Jamestown, the bloody fantastic music from Machinarium and even Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, which you’ll recall was my favorite game soundtrack of all of last year. Jim Guthrie’s work in that game is a big part of why I put it in as a contender for our Game of the Year award.

In keeping with the bundle tradition, if you drop $US10 on those five soundtracks, you’ll get even more soundtracks, with a lot of albums that I actually haven’t hear, as well as some as-yet-unrevealed bonuses that will be unlocked if they sell enough copies.

Hmm. Unlocked as they sell more copies? That smells like gamification to me. It would seem that the musicians have indeed learned a thing or two from their game-developer brethren.

Well played, video game composers. Well played.

Indie Game Music Bundle 2 [Official Page]


  • Just purchased this and spent $15 dollars. Really happy i can download in flac as well :D. Also got a link for a friend 😀

  • A bought the bundle just for the Sword & Swocery soundtrack…then I went on Jim Gunthrie’s website (The man behind the music of the game) and bought a limited edition 12″ vinyl and cassette hard copy of the OST which also came with a digital downloadable copy. Been waiting a year for the hard copies to be available again. All in all, after buying the OST four times over all I can say is;


  • I keep buying all these indie soundtracks and then they keep releasing these bundles with moar! Well, I usually only have a few so it’s no biggie to pay $20 or so for the rest of them.

    They’ve just hit 15 albums, with the Squids! soundtrack being the latest. The article also omits the fact that a portion of your purchase amount goes to the American Cancer Society and you can elect to donate $2 to Child’s Play. Kind of an important thing to leave out of an article… *Resists temptation to make a comment about Kotaku US’ reporting….*

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