From Mecha Girls To Mecha, Fancy Frontier Had It All

A Japanese cosplayer wearing a NSFW costume grabbed all the headlines at the recent Fancy Frontier event in Taipei. But that wasn't the only game, I mean costume, in town.

There were an array of outfits on display that included what must be the first cosplay I've ever seen of Sega arcade game Boarder Break. (Then again, I haven't really been looking.)

Fancy Frontier is held at the elite National Taiwan University and attracts tens of thousands of visitors.

Scroll down to check out the festivities. More pics in the link below.

台大FF19遊記★拍拍Cosplay - Fancy Frontier 開拓動漫祭 19 [Gamme]


    I have no idea who any of those characters are.

    They're all Sailor Moon right?
    Or some kind of Voltron thing.

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