When Taiwan Puts On Fancy Costumes

It's that time of year again. Time for the Fancy Frontier. The geek event is held at the elite National Taiwan University and attracts tens of thousands of visitors. Not all of them are dressed to the nines in fancy pants!

However, there's always a sizable number of cosplayers, showing off their dazzling outfits and character interpretations.

Websites Gamer.com.tw and Znmoon were on hand, snapping pics, which you can see below.

開拓動漫祭 FF20 活動報導 岩男潤子、久川綾及岸田梅爾豪華陣容登台 [Gamer.com.tw]

FF20DAY1, FF20DAY2 [Znmoon]


    What's up with the 'innocent, young, untouched girl' look. Borderline jailbait. But i reside to the fact that they are 18...

      Some guys dig that, I've always found it really creepy and predatory but whatever. The fake anime mask is creepier than anything else there, including the nurses.

    Daaaaamn, they're missing Rock Bison and Sky High

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