Get A Closer Look At Syndicate's Co-Op Demo

After watching the last Syndicate trailer, I had to grudgingly admit that it did indeed channel some of the vibe of the original game. In this new video, Syndicate executive producer Ben O'Donnell walks us through the just-released 4-player co-op demo, detailing some of the features of the upcoming game's co-op modes.

"Breach apps" allow you to have all kinds of effects on enemies and friends alike, from persuading enemies to healing your teammates. "True to the legacy of the original," O'Donnell says, "everything is configurable." And then he talks about… weapon loadouts.

Okay, so weapon loadouts aren't exactly the first thing I think of when I think of the original Syndicate, but the game still looks pretty cool. Starting today, you can give it a run for yourself by downloading the free demo.


    All syndicate posts make me sad now. Have to import it or resort to nefarious means.

      I've got to say, I agree with you man. I'm a sucker for punishment, so will happily read the posts anyway but it seems cruel to tease us like this. :P

    Still does not at all feel like Syndicate. While it looks good it should not have been given the name Syndicate imo.

    I'll have to try the demo I guess, but I don't think I'll ever like this game. I'm too attached to the original.

    Will there be a PC demo?

      I think they riled lots of folks up a few months ago by confirming the demo is only for the console version, alas.

    The demo is great and worth the download (620 mb). Very fast paced though might take some adjusting to and the HUD can be annoying at first. There also happens to be a map set in Queensland (called Nothern Territories) in the full game, (hopefully making fun of the ratings board :P)

    I can see the resembelance to the old game, interesting take on the old game... What i want to give kudos to is CO OP!!!! 4 player co op these days is hard to find in a game and when a company goes beyond the norm on said option...well...its money in the bag for them. Awesome awesome awesome! Thanks ahead of time for increasing my coop experience. VIVA LA COOP

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