High Moon Just Can’t Handle A PC Version Of Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron

High Moon Just Can’t Handle A PC Version Of Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron
Transformers: War for Cybertron

It’s simply beyond their capabilities.

PC gamers were severely disappointed with the version of Transformers: War for Cybertron released on their platform of choice, a glitchy, bug-ridden mess with graphics capped at 30 frames per second, a by-product of console-centric design.

When Activision and High Moon Studios revealed the upcoming sequel, Fall of Cybertron, PC gamers were even more disappointed. Having written the initial article on the new game, I found myself bombarded by requests from players to get to the bottom of this disheartening situation. During a recent conference call with High Moon’s game director Matt Tieger, I finally got my chance.

“There are a couple of reasons why that is,” Tieger explained when I asked why no PC version of the sequel were planned. “Focus is one. I know that it’s not a huge leap to do a PC SKU, but it is different. It’s outside of our area of expertise, to be honest.”

“I think there are a few things that are inherent in what PC consumers are looking for that frankly we didn’t deliver good on.”

It’s an honest answer, something the developer took away from the experience of creating the PC version of War for Cybertron, which Tieger said was a stretch for the studio.

“I think there are a few things that are inherent in what PC consumers are looking for that frankly we didn’t deliver good on.”

Things like customising your user interface, remapping your controls, and “some of the voice over stuff,” Tieger continued. “A lot of that stuff is easy or comes inherently on the console.”

Not so easy on the PC, as it turned out. “We were spread so thin that I feel like we barely served that audience. Then there were some issues with continued support that were frankly beyond our control, but at the same time did not create a great experience for PC gamers that got it.”

Rather than attempt to create a third version of Fall of Cybertron that the developer couldn’t properly support, High Moon decided to skip the PC altogether. It was a hard decision, but one that makes perfect sense.

“It seems like so glamorous from the outside, but games are this constant struggle of tough choices; it just is when you’re making a game. Despite the fact that it’s an artistic creation, the technical constraints of how many resources you have and what you can do — you really want to try and do the things you can do well.”

Better no game at all than a broken disappointment, right?


    • I would think they would see much of that money after everyone takes a cut.
      He was giving honest answers to hard questions. I applaud someone who can say “We cant do ths properly, so instead of doing it half-assed we are not going to do it at all”

    • I love how no one gas mentioned how good it is to see some honesty coming from developers for once, rather than pitiful excuses.

    • Payed???? I think you meant PAID

      I’m glad they aren’t making a PC version if they don’t intend on expanding their team and making a good port. The PC version of War for Cybertron is freaking horrible.

  • Damned if they do, damned if they don’t, unfortunately.

    If the do it: PC users will just complain that it’s so full of bugs and just a horrible port
    They don’t: PC users just complain that they don’t get the games consoles get

    • Or they could put the work in actually achieve a decent game.

      They are only damned if they do damned if they don’t if they give a lazy port

      I played the original and ignoring the problems it had the game itself wasn’t that good to begin with in my opinion

      • It has nothing to do with them being lazy, if you bothered to actually read then you’d it’s because they’re inexperienced with PC games and can’t deliver the product PC gamers expect.

    • +THIS

      I’ve never heard PC players be satisfied with anything! Sheet they even complain about how Team Fortress 2 has turned into Hat Fortress rather than realising what a great, non-gimped, exclusive they have there.

      I love War for Cybertron on the Xbox, it works, has great multiplayer that’s still populated and is a great game to boot – maybe they couldn’t acheive that on PC last time, a successful business plays to it’s strengths.

      It strikes me that Activision is not backwards in coming forwards about porting games to all formats (look at volume of DS and Wii ports they do there) so the fact that High Moon is able to restrict it to just the two HD consoles is a sign of Activision showing some uncommon restraint.

  • It’s fantastic to see such honesty, but I have come to expect nothing less out of High Moon Studios, especially Matt Tieger.

    I’m not happy about the lack of co-op in campaign, but Escalation mode and an expanded Multiplayer suite will more than make up for that.

  • Perhaps if they didn’t develop a PC port with more bugs then Paris Hiltons vagina people wouldn’t have complained.

    • Which is exactly the reason why they are not doing a PC port this time.
      They don’t have the time, resources or skills to do it properly so they aren’t doing it

  • DA FUCK I wasn’t dissapointed with the PC version? I think the main issue especially for aussies is it couldn’t be found, thats why it didn’t sell, luckily I got it before it got pulled from steam, this really sucks though 🙁

  • Nixxes did the PC version for DX Human revolution…a port so good, people said if you to only play one version of DX, make it the PC version.

    I’d be more sympathetic if you didn’t use the same middleware everyone else uses…Unreal 3.

    Seems to me they produced a half arsed effort, were disappointed that sales were equally half arsed and decided to not to bother. I might be a little too cynical to take their honesty on face value. But if they’re sincere well, props for that I suppose.

  • I always find it hard to believe people still buy these kind of licensed games.

    What was the last one that was good? I can only think of Riddick.

  • So they’re not developing a PC version “at this time” or “are they never going to develop one”? despite all its flaws I really enjoyed the game. It was a Transformers IP game that didn’t suck or was poorly made to tie in a movie.

    I’d gladly hand over the money if they develop a PC version at a later date when they have the resources.

  • “Things like customising your user interface, remapping your controls, and “some of the voice over stuff,” Tieger continued. “A lot of that stuff is easy or comes inherently on the console.”

    Am I reading that right? Customising your UI and remapping controls is non-existent on most console games and extremely limited when available.

  • My translation.
    “Yeah so, were not so comitted to making games, as knocking out products we can sell”.
    “And that damned PC gamer market is, like, sooo discerning”
    “So, we are just gonna save the bucks, and pump out crap people will eat up”
    “and, like… yeah… money”

    Damn corporations, being all, corporation-y!

  • Wait since when were there problems with the PC version of War for Cybertron? It’s a UE3 game for christs sake and when I saw it running last it was buttery smooth and no problem. In fact (naturally, because it’s PC,) the aiming was good enough to make proper sense of the frenetic action.

  • You’re damn right it’s lazy. What is “admirable”, about honesty, when you’re being honest about not trying harder?
    F*** PC gamers we’re not good at it. So rather than attempting to become good at it, by putting forth the effort and improving, we’re just gonna quit while we’re behind.
    Because screw it.
    I play these games on an XBox but boy it takes one lazy developer team to give up after one try.

    Then again, these are the same guys, who refuse to include female transformers because the female models would take too much effort, but shoehorning Grimlock into the game was totally cool. Despite having Arcee and Slipstream’s models already on hand.
    “Cuz prehistoric bros before hos”.

    No coop campaign either, makes for a typical, feature-lite, lazy sequel.

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