Is This The Most Daring Pokémon Rip-Off Japan Has Seen?

In years past, whenever Pokémon knock-offs appeared in other countries, Japanese netizens would post them online to laugh and point. This time, it's not a foreign rip-off. It's homegrown.

Dubbed Pokedan Monsters (yes, really), the social game features over 1000 monsters, monster rearing and monster battles. Sound familiar?

If the title was not enough, the art style and monsters resemble Pokémon.

Pocket Monsters has inspired many games, anime and manga, but Pokedan is so blunt about where it's drawing from, leading many online in Japan to wonder if this mobile phone game wasn't crossing the line?

Starting this week, Pokedan Monsters is available via Gree in Japan. And next week? Well, I guess that's up to the Pokémon attorneys.

こんなに似すぎで大丈夫? [Livedoor]


    Haaaaaah that's amazing - i hope this doesn't get shut down through some kind of copyright infringement or whatever...

    I think the Pokemon team desperately NEEDS some competition to spur on some good old innovation!

    That art, looks nothing like pokemon. At least not the pokemans that i grew up with

    "The art style resembles Pokemon"... No, No it doesn't.

      Actually, the design of the monsters does indeed look the same.

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