Japanese Kids Don't Walk Much These Days (Video Games Blamed)

According to a Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education poll, today's Japanese kids walk 30 per cent less than they did 30 years ago. Experts attribute this to video games and other indoor activities. [Yomiuri]


    Funny, all these kids walking to & from school must floating..

    And really, walking is an issue now?

      walking to school in jap is an anime thing...

        Except that in elementary school where all students must walk (at least from a bus stop a certain distance away),
        junior high school, where all students must ride,
        and high school, where it's a combination of the two depending on distance of the home to the train station and the high school from the train station.

        Parents/grandparents only drive their children when there's no bus, or there's heavy weather conditions. (during stronger weather conditions, there's no school for students because children can not be expected to walk/ride in it)

    I blame the brutal schooling system.

    I blame the fact more people have cars.

      As well as increased number of buses and trains.

    I blame the parents because let's face it, they most likely bought the games for the kids and aren't doing their bit to ensure their children's health

    What do they expect? They are world leaders in pop culture, anime, games, or generally things that don't require one to be outdoors.

    That's just like australians complaining that we are becoming alcoholics after the australia day bottlo sales. Wtf do these people expect? Yes you are alcooholics, and unless you're going to change your mindset, you will stay that way.

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