Middle Earth Is Being Recreated, Tower By Tower, In The Elder Scrolls

Ever since EA binned The White Council, I've been dying for an open-world RPG set in the world of The Lord of the Rings. I am also far from the only one, as a team of modders has been working on building themselves just that, using Bethesda's Elder Scrolls games as a base.

The project, called MERP (Middle Earth Role-Playing Project) was originally intended to be a massive mod for Oblivion, but is recently undergoing transportation to Skyrim's slightly-tweaked engine.

Once (if ever) finished, MERP will put you in the ring-bearer's shoes following their quest from the classic tale, though instead of just being Frodo you can be one of 10 playable races, including elves, hobbits, dwarves and a few different types of men.

If you've got Oblivion and feel like checking out the recreation of Middle Earth the team has built, a beta is available for download below.

Latest News: MERP 0.2.6 beta release! [ModDB]


    interesting, should totally get picked up by Bethesda tho, and made in a full release open world game.

      licencing bro. These guys might get away with not having a license but bethesda sure as shit wouln't. So I doubt that they would bother.

      And the ringwraiths will ALSO fly backwards

        "Get off the road!"

        "No, not beneath the road! ... How did you do that?"

    I cannot express my excitement without resorting to swear words. Saying I think this would be "amazing" doesn't quite cover it. Let's just say it looks shpxvat amazing.

    Never played Skyrim but if this mod ends up finished, I will definitely be buying it.

    That single screenshot looks more lush than Skyrim!

    "The project, called MERP (Middle Earth Role-Playing Project) was originally intended to be a massive mod for Oblivion, but is recently undergoing transportation to Skyrim’s slightly-tweaked engine."

    So, how long has this been in production? Not getting my hopes up, though it would be nice.

    I think Bethesda games are the only games where I'll not rage when I see people say "I've not played it, but I'm buying it for X mod and will never play vanilla"

    I can't ever imagine the game getting to the same scale of the original games in terms of character voices etc though.

      Hello, I am actually with the MERP team. I can understand your doubts, especially about voices. But we have good writers for quest scripts, excelent modelers, and some of (in my opinion) the best landscapers. We will produce the highest quality we can. If you look up Nehrim, we are shooting for that kind of quality in our mod, if not higher in some areas. It won't be easy, but that is our goal and has been from the start!

    This project started a long time ago for Oblivion, as was pointed out, and it's been in the same mind-bin as Black Mesa Source in my head.
    "If it ever comes out I'm gonna die of joy... but I'm not particularly worried about this meaning I will have a short life"

      There were a lot of reasons for our delays in Oblivion. Mistakes were made early on (not anyone's fault, just lack of experience and we needed to get material released in order to maintain interest). However, we are now a experienced, determined, skillful team with a tight plan for developing the mod in such a way that it will be in a playable state as soon as possible. We aim to have regional releases this time around, with each release including a fully playable region with landscapes, npcs, quests, and even voice acting if all goes well. The first region right now is planned to be Rohan. Keep an eye on Skyrim Nexus and Moddb for news. You won't be disappointed.

        I'm rooting for you guys, definitely.

        The first time I saw Whiterun at a distance in-game I immediately thought of Rohan, so I can see why that would be a great region to start with.
        Go Team! *waves pompoms*

    The problem is; when a mod sounds overly ambitious - it will never be released.

      Not true. Nehrim: At Fate's Edge is enough to disprove that. Have some faith in us. You will be pleasantly surprised if you do ;)

        I hope you're right; it's just that I've heard so many cool, ambitious mod ideas announced to be never heard from again.

        But I hope you're right!

        Not worried that Warner Bros may come down hard on this, given that it'll replicate what we have in Lord of the Rings Online?

        I don't really see why this is necessary when we already have such a good free MMO...

    Yay! Deffinetly keeping the eye on this one.

    Well I just got back from a holiday too the south island of New Zealand so I can wait for this! haha

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