Mysterious Trailer Teases Unknown Game

I fall for puzzles and mysteries. Put a code in front of me, or a series of entirely unrelated clues, and I will sit there for hours if I have to, attempting to solve it. Even if I end up completely uninterested in the product a puzzle is promoting, I generally leap at the chance to make sense out of vague patterns.

So, me being me, this untitled teaser trailer is the proverbial catnip. If I had all day to mull over the cuneiform-like symbols that flash on screen, the binary codes that march across the background, or the Braille-like ticker that marches across the bottom, I'd be sitting here until the wee small hours of the morning happily deciphering all sorts of irrelevance.

So. I have no idea what game this video from GameTrailers is promoting. (And sadly, the game itself is unlikely to focus on the unravelling of codes. So few do!) I have no idea if I will like the game, which seems in some sense to be a shooter, once I do know what it is. But I know that a video like this is designed for people like me... and that there's a weekend just about to start, with time for someone to make sense of it.

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Debut Teaser: Mystery Game [GameTrailers]


    First thoughts: Zelda dressed up as Link.

    Looks like a new twist on chess going by the symbol at the end

    Makes me think of Product Number 03

    According to Game Trailers, it's being made by Interdimensional games.

    There's quite a fun little set of puzzles on Interdimensional Games' website That I'm assuming is related to the game. I didn't get very far into it, before I decided to finish reading other stuff, but I'm sure it would keep Kate amused for a while

    The way the animation of the character and camera go, it looks like it might be turn-based.

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