New Fatal Frame Gets Japanese Release Date

The Wii remake of 2003's Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly has a release date for Japan: June 28. It is priced at ¥6800 or $85.


    If it's that price in Australia I might be skipping it.
    I have the directors version on this game on Xbox. Unless they've added a lot more and done other things aside from update the graphics it won't really be worth the money.

    Is it true that this is heading to Europe? If so, consider it mine!!

    I'm not getting my hopes up... unless Nintendo actually wind up releasing Project Zero IV.

      Zero 4 never got localised because it had really bad technical issues more than anything else. Gamebreaking bugs, frequent slowdown, extremely long loading times...
      Doesn't help that it didn't have very good level design and awful controls. If you can manage to get it working it's much better played using a gamepad via Dolphin than on a Wii with a Wiimote.

      On that note, I really hope 2's remake doesn't adopt the same control scheme.

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