Fatal Frame Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Fatal Frame Is Coming To Nintendo Switch
Screenshot: Koei Tecmo

This spring, a Fatal Frame pachinko game was announced, seeming to dash hopes for a proper release anytime soon. But good news! Today, during Nintendo’s E3 Direct, it was announced that Fatal Frame is headed to the Switch.

This marks Fatal Frame’s 20th anniversary. The game originally debuted in December 2001 on the PlayStation 2.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water on the Switch has new costume and photo modes. It will be out this year from Koei Tecmo.


  • Even better, Fatal Frame 5 is coming to *everything* including Steam.

    Here’s hoping they can also port the first four titles too.

  • For me, Project Zero 1&2 were the best games of the original Xbox, maybe only beaten by Ninja Gaiden Black. Long have I wanted them to be added to Game Pass or something.

    This is a day one purchase. Gonna have to gaffa-tape the Switch to my hands though so I don’t accidently hurl it through a wall when a ghost comes through a wall or floor without warning.

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