Notre Dame Basketball Player Quits Skyrim, Becomes A Star

Surging college basketball player Jack Cooley doesn't attribute his recent success to some sort of miracle or an act of God. Nor does he blame nonsense like "hard work" or "dedication".

Nope, he did it by quitting video games, according to an article published last week by The Chicago Tribune.

"Never get Skyrim," Cooley told the newspaper, referring to the popular fantasy role-playing game. "You'll never stop playing it."

Cooley, a centre for Notre Dame, averaged 6.125 points and seven boards during his first eight games this year. But since early December, when he decided to "rededicate himself", he's averaged a double-double, tallying 15.4 points and 10.3 boards.

The message? Quitting video games will turn you into a basketball superstar.

Just ask ESPN writer Eamonn Brennan, who wrote a blog post today sagely telling parents to use Cooley's story to keep their kids away from video games:

Phew. That quote makes me really glad I didn't buy SkyRim. I thought about it, and I read about how addicting it was, and I made a responsible, adult decision to wait until the offseason. I do not regret it.

But in all seriousness, as Cooley explains in the story, he really did have to refocus on the game of basketball, to become the sort of "waking up, eat, class, eat, basketball, eat, sleep" type of person. Clearly, the dedication has paid off. Who knew SkyRim was so insidious? And how many other college basketball players have we lost to its absorbing charms? Does this epidemic know no end?

Anyway, parents, print this story out — or copy the link and send it to your kid's iPhone, so the email alert briefly jars him out of his game of Tiny Wings — and show him what the power of fewer video games can do. Cooley isn't just a Big East player of the year candidate. He's also making parenting your video game-addled child 20 or 30 per cent easier. Thank him later.

Hear that? Stay away from "SkyRim" and you, too, can average a double-double in the Big East.

No more playing games for Cooley [Chicago Tribune, via ESPN]

Top photo: Joe Raymond/AP)


    So, uh, I didn't buy Skyrim ('cos it's rubbish), and I'm not a pro-athlete either.

    Hmm, damn causation and correlation letting me down again!

    Wow, who thought that reducing the overall number of hobbies you have can lead you to be better at a fewer number of hobbies?

    Wish I was that good at a hobby

    'Addicting'. I had that word.

      *hate* that word :/

        I too hate it. It's a verb being used in an adjective context! It's grammatically incorrect!

        STOP IT!

        Oh man, given the lack of outrage elsewhere I thought I was a part of a small group of people who detested its use!

        It's addictive!

        Worst word ever!

    Sad but true, sometimes I dream Skyrim.

    So he didn't quit Skyrim. He just didn't play it until he knew he had time to play it without it distracting him from his training.

    On this note are we going to get ESPN writing blogs about Chuloopa and how he's doing great in his exams because he didn't touch games for a while so he could study? OMG CHULOOPA QUIT VIDYAGAEMS!

      Actually YES ESPN should be writing about Chuloopa.

      Brb, starting internet petition.

    I don't play basketball but I still suck at Halo.

    All I read is about how some noob rage quit skyrim.

    Jokes on him, L2skyrim

    loving Jason's sarcasm: "The message? Quitting video games will turn you into a basketball superstar."

    But in all seriousness, as Quizmaster_B said, if you spend less time playing Skyrim, you'll become better at basketball. Inverse is true? Definately quitting bball so I can get better at mah games.

    Unforunately though, I fell many people out there are going to read this as "Playing videogames is detrimental to your sporting skills" when really its, spend x time doing this instead of this and you will get better at it, regardless of what it is.

    I recently quit a relationship so it sounds like Skyrim is now my kind of game while i save some money back in the real world.

    I just posted this back to Eamonn Brennans mailbag. Let's see if i get an answer lol.

    "so, based on that logic, does it mean if u overcome your caffeine addiction you would be a international bestseller writer instead of a blogger?"

    So, he quit one game and got good at another.

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