The PS3 Version Of Skyrim Still Suffering From Massive Frame Rate Issues

I've been playing Skyrim on 360. Partly because I'm somehow managed to inextricably become invested in achievement points, and partly because my PC is a bit rubbish. So far I'm happy with my format choice, but those playing on PS3 are apparently having some major frame-rate issues — particularly if their game save goes over 5.5MB.

A patch was released (2.01) that was apparently designed to deal with the issue but, according to Eurogamer's Digital Foundy, the patch only helps moderately. The issue still exists in a very big way, with frame rates dropping intermittently for those with a massive time investment in the game.

Which is a shame, considering that's almost the major selling point of the game - a consistent universe you can get lost in for hours at a time.

Those interested in the issue should definitely head over to Eurogamer for a more detailed breakdown of the issue.

Digital Foundry vs. PS3 Skyrim Lag [Eurogamer]

Anyone playing Skyrim on PS3? Any issues so far?


    Serrels has used the work "inextricable" in two out of three articles this morning. Did someone get an early word of the day book xmas gift?

    I started a new character recently, and the game performance seems to be worse in this one than in my original file for some unknown reason... The only difference is I'm playing as a woman in this save file. Coincidence? I think not!

    ...That was a joke, for those of you playing at home. In any case, it is A LOT easier to kill dragons as a Mage than as a Theif. :P

      Now you're going to have to write a huge apology on Kotaku for that joke

      my initial reaction to reading your comment: D= *is female, and is playing a female character, and not really experiencing massive frame-rate issues * ...I'm a bit over the 6mb on my latest save.

      Follow-up reaction: Bit of an ouch of a joke, but funny. Had to hold back laughter. I'll probably get slammed for "accepting such a sexist joke and even laughing at it'. =P

      I bet the people playing it on PC are smirking right now, after reading this article. Hopefully Bethseda releases another patch to resolve this issue...soon.

        Yeah, I'm not really experiencing MASSIVE framerate issues, but it's enough to become noticeable. I find resetting the game once in a while helps. At least my game doesn't freeze anymore (or at least, hasn't yet D:).

        ps. Haha, sorry if anybody actually gets offended by that. If anybody is to blame for my game, it's the damn Elves! (Sorry to any Elves reading this).

      T H I E F
      You've got the standing stone, the guild, the dialogue, and no excuse for your mistake.

    I've got a 7.5 mb save file, haven't had a problem. Well, the occasional crash (3 in total), but that's par for the course with the Elder Scrolls/Fallout series.

    Dragons are still flying forwards, and the only frame-rate dip I experience is those first few seconds when I enter a new area and it starts auto-saving.

    My save is 7.8MB on the PS3 and I've noticed massive framerate issues from time to time. The harddrive light is working overtime, I generally just stand still and let it load for a bit. Whiterun is the worst.

      Apart from Whiterun, which seems consistently rubbish, I've noticed massive slowdown when waiting for extended periods or time in a single location or if I've walked away and let the PS3/Skyrim run. One thing I did note was a restart of the PS3 seemed to fix it. Never thought I'd have to reboot my PS3 for performance issues!

    I've stopped playing my main because the frame rate issue started getting crazy, and the whole game keeps freezing up after half an hour or so of gameplay. I would have assumed it's my ps3, but others games have no issues :(

    Am playing it on the PS3 too. Hating the slowdown.

    plz, no tears ps3 owners. it's a waste of a good suffering!

      We have such sights to show you. But we will show them to you very slowly due to the frame rate issues.

        But how can it send us back to Framerate Hell child? We are already here. And SO. ARE. YOU!!

    Anyone having issues with it crashing to the desktop (on PC) when you start the game?

      Occasionally mine just closes. I'll be playing and then next thing I know I'm looking at my desktop. No errors or anything. Thankfully it doesn't happen a lot and I quicksave a lot. :)

        Not always a bad thing at 11.45PM on a work night.

      no sudden closes, but i've occasionally made the mistake of alt-tabbing out of the game (I couldn't figure out the combination to the Bleak Falls Barrow door, mainly because I forgot you could inspect the items) and when I come back into Skyrim, it won't resume the game, it just hangs after alt-tabbing back.

      I assume you've tried the studio sound output quality thingamajig?


          just look in the description

    On Ps3, no frame rate issues so far except maybe for the slight lag in Auto saving a bit. Save file is about 6mb.

    I am playing as an archer with the 25% slowdown perk, so maybe that's why I'm not noticing it? heheh.. Recently also got a new clean ps3 and Skyrim is the only game that's on it so far because i'm too lazy to restore?

    From what im still reading, the random CTD on PC isnt fixed as alot of peopel still get it (including me)

      +1. Its still happening to me. There's a mod that lets the game access more than 2gb or RAM which seems to reduce the frequency. Thank god for quick save. Its more annoying than game-breaking.

        The 4GB mod is a life saver. Once I'd added all the high res texture mods to my game it would just crash before even getting into the game. I haven't had a ctd since using the mod.

    My 45 hour save file kept crashing ridiculously but since I've turned off autosaves it's stopped

    Yep im having problems. I think it started happening around 5.8 mb. It seems like a texture streaming problem because if you stay still on the overworld it stops. Plus it gives up loading some hires textures. Even sometimes on the loafing screen. Works fine for about 80% of the time

    My save file is around 9MB and it lags alot in some areas. Apparently a developer from Bethesda has come out and said that their hands could be tied when it comes to this because of how the PS3's memory works, so they might not be able to fix it...


      That's quite disappointing. That would indicate they were aware of a flaw in their saving process (or at least the limiation from the Sony side of things) and they didn't look at alternatives to attempt to fix it. I would assume this given that other games don't seem to exhibit the same issues.

    My save game's up to around 9.9MB and goes irepairably slow after about an hour or two of gameplay. Only fix is to reboot the PS3 and reload. Pretty massively disappointed with it thus far - incredible game, but whoever deemed it ready for release on PS3 needs a stern talking to.

    Haven't played it for about two weeks now as a result. =/

    Sounds like GOTY to me !! Terrible game

    i just want to brag and say i just hooked my PC up to my new 55 inch samsung settings on ultra, smooth frame rate and continous eye orgasms.

    I don't see the point of having hundreds of cups, pots and plates in the game. Would getting rid of all the useless objects help?

    7mb 70hrs, I only have the initial city slow down, I try to clear out as many dungeons and caves as soon as I find them.

    I don't think I've had a CTD on PC since the patch, but after about 6 or 7 hours there was some serious framerate / general lag. Then when I quit steam packed it in and had to be killed manually. All good after a restart.
    Anyone else get some massively long loading screens the first few times after the patch - like 4 or 5 tips worth of load screen?

      I had this issue (well the extremely long load screens anyway) after about 6 hours played over the weekend. My PC is a monster as well and runs the game with 60+ fps 100% of the time on Ultra so I don't think it's an issue with my hardware..

      Have not C2D for ages though, which is positive.

    My savegame has only just cracked the 4MB barrier, and I'm now getting crazy framerate issues at times on my PS3.

    Game leaks out of memory on the PC as well, eventually you might start to see textures disappearing from the world. Once that starts to happen you more or less guaranteed a C2D the next time you fast travel to a new zone which needs additional assets loaded.

    I guess its sucky but considering the PS3 is a 6 year old platform (design several years prior to release) I would have to say that it is performing extremely well. No way in hell my 2004/5 PC couldn't have even started Skyrim let alone play it at 10% of prettiness shown on the PS3.

    i would say that they'll patch it soon it or later once they've worked it out. Its surprising though that this problem didn't show itself up in testing. I would have thought the UAT would have come up with something. Hell they woulde have played thousands of hours on the PS3 before releasing.

    Im suffering from massive frame rate, yes, but I'd hardly call it suffering.. ;)

    My savegame has been over 6Mb for ~20hrs now and yesterday I was playing for ~6hrs straight and I haven't seen anything more than an occasional stutter. The longest was about 2secs, tops.

    I would've put money on the 360 version ring the one to have the most issues, not that I'm complaining since I have it on 360. Odd situation is odd.

    are there any ps3 players out there with 80hrs + and 13mb save game, with not major lag issues yet?

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