Did The Skyrim Patch Make Things Better Or Worse?

After game developer Bethesda released a patch — Version 1.02 — for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, gamers took to the forums. Many rejoiced, noting that the PS3 freeze issue appeared fixed. Now, some folks are saying the patch hasn't made things better. It's made them worse.

"I have experienced dragons not wanting to fight and flying backwards staying as far away from me as possible as seen here," reader Tim told Kotaku. It's apparently happened to him six different times.

"As a matter of fact since the patch I have been unable to fight a single dragon," Tim added.

In the above video, which wasn't taken by Tim, you can see a dragon flying ass-backwards. This isn't the only bug that players are supposedly experiencing post-patch. The folks over at The Elder Scrolls Forums are drawing up an unofficial list of nagging issues.

"I too experience the dragon flying backward phenomenon and often times it will all of a sudden shoot up into the sky and never come back down," added forum user Balistadae.

According to other forum members, post-patch, there are still memory issues, frame rate problems, a bookcase bug, the ability to use weapon racks, the inability to place items on tables, and many more.

Keep in mind, these are not glitches and bugs experienced by all players. Many players are reporting no issues whatsoever.

"Frame rate/performance issues still remain, takes longer to start happening than pre patch +1 for me too. It's the most crucial for me," wrote Bethesda forum user Astargatis.

Other are reporting frequent crashes since the patch. Hopefully, Bethesda will continue to patch the game, addressing persistant bugs and glitches. It just might not be at a speed that pleasures gamers eager to enjoy the game.

Still, a backwards flying dragon? That sounds more like a feature to me.

Unofficial Bug List [Bethsoft.com — Thanks Tim!]


    No mention of the magic and poison resistance removal?
    That's the worst of the new bugs and I wont download this patch for that reason.

    Bethesda? Releasing a buggy unfinished game? Blasphemy!

    Sounds like I'll be leaving auto updates off for Skyrim still. I'm running 1.0 and have had no bugs and very little crashes, plus I can still run the LAA mod and all other high res texture mods without issue.

    My PC version was patched this morning. I played it for about an hour and experienced no fewer than 10 CTD's, and a disappearing dragon (lucky fast travel away and back fixed that). I liked it better before :(

    Phew. Now I don't feel so bad for not making this a day 1 purchase. Still bashing my way through Batman, and CoD. Anticipating an upgrade to my pc for this and Diablo 3 next year though...

    New Vegas was the exact same. The first patch made it better for some and worse for others. But the bugs are too minor to actually stop me from restarting the game and playing from my last save.

    So Brian, a backwards flying dragon is a feature - when it prevents you from actually fighting them?

    Stick to finding Japanese porn and just leave gaming alone.

      This is what most people who refer to as a joke. It is a humorous quip about the ridiculousness of a dragon flying in reverse. He does not actually believe this would make a good feature.

      Stick to gaming and just leave understanding humour alone.

      A good player will find a way to defeat that cheeky dragon... You're not worthy to beat the dragon.

    i had my steam version of the game set to do not auto update, and yet it started downloading 4gb of files. :(

      Mine just did the same thing, and it broke LAA again. I replaced the .exe with the old unpatched one and all seems to be fine, so far.

    Playing on 360, after the patch a dragon attacked me after I left a cave (in the middle of some hired thugs trying to earn their contract on me- utterly hilarious watching them get wiped out by the dragon's breath). So fortunately haven't gotten that bug. I'm only up to lvl10 now so resistances aren't really an issue for me at the moment, hope that'll be fixed by the time I get to higher levels...

    I'm playing Skyrim via Steam and after the update today (Wed, Nov 30th) the game keeps crashing to desktop quite frequently and without any noticeable pattern in the cause. I haven't been able to play without it crashing for more than 15 minutes!

    Downloaded the patch yesterday, came up as version 2.10 for me :\

    Haven't had any issues with the dragons yet, framerate issues seem to be less prevalent (still get low framerate in some places), and I'm not too fussed with the apparent resistance bugs because I don't use resistance gear or potions or any of that.

      Also, going through that list on the forums, I found this:

      "Markarth guards always try to arrest player"

      This happens to me, but I have a feeling that's supposed to happen from completing the Forsworn Conspiracy quest.

        Lol, I had something similar where I was just doing a thieves' guild quest in Markath, sneakin' around and such when a guard comes along and makes a bee-line to my hiding spot, despite me never having been seen by anyone or done anything other than sneaking. The HUD tells me I now have a 5 gold bounty at which point the guard draws his sword and attacks me. I run away and out a door and literally every guard in Markath spawns in front of me and nearly beat me to death. Everyone in the region wanted me dead over a 5g bounty I had no idea what from. :/

    Aside from the odd crash and the fact my head disappears when I wear the masks and the archmage robe, I get the odd texture disappearance. Mostly trophy heads on the walls will lose their textures and be white bland things. Happens to the odd person's armour as well. Additionally in the thieve's guild the vault door that was meant to be closed was open, so the characters made a big deal about opening the doors while I stood within the vault.


    Is it just me or have they not delivered on this promise? we were supposed to get rapid patches but it seems they've renegged on this.

      Bethesda makes so many promises they don't keep it's actually a bit funny as well as depressing. Unfortunately the cult of bethesda doesn't care or refuses to believe such claims even when faced with proof, and Todd Howard is certainly the worst offender. Let's put it this way;
      Failing to deliver on promises: Peter Molyneux and Lionhead
      Failing to deliver on promises with rabid fanbase: Todd Howard and Bethesda.

        But isn't that regarded as false advertising? even if it's some guy who can't keep his mouth shut in an interview, he's made a promise and the company hasn't corrected him.

        I want to see a class action on this one for the lol's, and so they get told by a court of law to fix their broken shit.

    But what can we do apart from refusing to buy dlc until its fixed or refusing to buy another Bethesda game on day one?

    All the dragons must be after me, then. None have ever avoided me like the plague (maybe before the patch, but then they were just being butterflies. Aimlessly fluttering high up in the sky) since the patch. In fact, they'll even try to gang up on me. I'm suddenly fighting one dragon after fast travelling, and as soon as it lands on top of a building, I see another dragon approaching in the distance.

    I must have recently done something to become number one their community peeve list...

    Ive been experiencing the spastic backwards dragons on my patched ps3 copy. Bit of a pain in the arse, since I needs me some soouullsss. Though since the frame rate mess has gotten noticably better, I can't really complain.

    I spent a couple hours last night re-fixing a lot of my ini tweaks and getting my mouse to work properly again, but once I did all that I found that it actually runs better than before on my meager 4-year-old laptop. Hurray! :)

    I've just given up playing.
    First the game had terrible lag and framerate then a patch came along and fixed that but now it keeps freezing all the freaking time......screw BETHESDA.

    After the patch, my companion's armour disappeared when I exchanged inventory items with him!

    I had no problems before patch. After, I put a whole crapload of books in my bookshelf in whiterun, but they never showed up. Then I went to fight the dragon in the east. Was able to open the treasure chest and obtain shout with dragon in distance. Afterwards tried to kill dragon but found impossible with him flying backwards. Restarted game and tried to kill again while flying backwards. Almost did but then game dropped to about 1-2 frames per second. Sure hope Bethesda fixes this soon... but not too soon. Make sure it works first.

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