Now You Can Get Lost In The Sky

Now You Can Get Lost In The Sky

On February 27, Atlas opened its official site for the upcoming 3DS game, Etrian Odyssey IV Denshou no Kyosin (Collosus of Tradition). The website currently has an introductory page, character page and a systems page — all of which will be further updated soon.

Along with the series’ original system of mapping your own route to explore dungeons down below, you can now explore the skies above as well. Also, the game will now have two difficulty levels: normal and casual for those who find the game too challenging.

There will be seven unique classes each with their own roles. The classes are Dancers, Nightseekers, Fortresses, Swordsmen, Rune Masters, Medics and Snipers.

Below is the official website.The game will be out this July in Japan.

世界樹の迷宮IV伝承の巨神 [Official Site]


  • Guess this means I’ll have to get a 3DS eventually now.

    I’l also probably have to import this game from the states once it’s localised, since the 2nd and 3rd games never saw a PAL release.

  • Etrian Odyssey was one of my favourite games on the DS. I hadn’t seen such old school design done well for a while. Well, except maybe for Demon’s/Dark Souls. It would be awesome if the developers made an iOS game using this IP.

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