Pirated Games Go For Two Bucks A Pop In Indonesia

Spotted at an Indonesia game shop by Japanese site Game Watch Impress. All these Wii games are priced at Rp20,000 or around $2.

The game shop, like so many in the region, also had binders and binders of pirated Xbox 360 games — here, XGame 360.

"規制"から"支援"へ変わりつつある中国市場と [Game Impress Watch]

Top photo: Game Impress Watch


    So what else is new? Indonesian shops have been doing that forever.
    This just in: dogs bark

    I had to look it up to be sure but wow....... there is a wii game based on the movie Beastly?

    This has been going for... let's see... Since the 80s. Next please.

    Ahhh how I miss my homecountry Indonesia.

    if you buy a dvd and a game..you can get a lesser price :S

    Strange fact: VCDs DO sell legally there. I've got copies of SALT and Meet The Robinsons that the companies put on VCDs in halves!
    (AND add trailers!)

    Shocking quality, but it happens! Mainly bought because downloading is nigh on impossible for the citizens. Be lucky if a 45 minute TV show takes a week to download!

    Given the fact that the monthly minimum wage is about USD/AUD 100-150 (depending on region), with average officeworker monthly salaries of USD/AUD 300-600, the majority of Indonesians won't be able to pay for their games if it was full price. Indonesian gamers such as myself who go online will buy the full versions.

    Anyway, as mentioned before this is not news.

    They've been doing this for ages, not sure why it's getting an article about it, the least you could have done is made mention of the slow rise pirated ps3 games making its way onto the market due to the hacked FW last year

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