Play Wretcher, A Terrifying Point-And-Click

Everyone's pumped for Double Fine and its Kickstarter success, but the genre of the point-and-click is far from dead. One only has to look to the indie scene for quality amusements, many more than willing to embrace the feel of yesteryear. The visually delectable Machinarium is an excellent example of the work that's going on outside the realm of the triple-A and the in-development Wretcher from Alan V Drake delivers an even more old-school adventure.

If humour was the driving force behind the likes of Sam & Max and Monkey Island, terror is now the favoured meal, going by Wretcher's dark colours and generous use of grain filters. While it's built in Adventure Game Studio, it's hardly a novice effort, with the graphics and animation spot-on for a 90's point-and-click. The music and effects are also top-notch, setting the mood from the get go. It reminds me a bit of Dark Seed; Wretcher relies on a haunting, oppressive ambience rather than cheap scares (though it has a few).

It's a healthy length for a demo at about an hour and it's entertaining enough that I'll be checking in once a full version is available.

Wretcher [Official site, via IndieGames]


    They're deliberately giving it VGA graphics?

      New to this scene are you? :)

        Yahtzee Croshaw's Chzo Mythos had even more basic graphics and are some of my favourite games.

          They were excellent (except for the terrible name Chzo. I mean, come on.)

          Ooh, is that 5 Days a Stranger and the rest? Those are brilliant!!

    It seems i can't open the file, its just a blank file

    Gonna have to give it a shot.

    if they can pull off a good scary game using old school snes graphics then I'd gladly put money towards the devs doing a game using UE3 or something similar.

    I'm playing this now, and all I can say so far is... holy shit.

    I finished it in around 20 minutes. Excellent atmosphere. I'd be really interested in playing the rest of this!

    Dark Seed and Dark Seed 2 mmmmmmm.
    Wonder if my old CDs still work.

      After reading Logan's wikipedia link above, all I can think of is that Cyberdreams Interactive Entertainment need to join GOG.

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