Portal Pin-Up Competes In Threadless

Most of us are familiar with images of pin-up girls draped across the hood of a car, lips painted bright-red, grinning cheesily. But a pin-up girl falling through portals? That's something new!

Designer Adam Nakamura has submitted his Portal-inspired t-shirt design to Threadless as part of their "Threadless Loves Pin-Ups" campaign. The shirt is currently undergoing voting to determine whether or not it will be available for sale in the Threadless store. Shirts that receive high enough ratings will be printed for sale. You can vote for it here!



    Surely there must be some copyright issues at play here. I don't understand how all these t-shirt clones can just print whatever they like.

      This might be considered a parody so it may be considered a fair use of a copyright and be completely legal to sell.

      and it's just an entry, not even printed yet. Threadless is pretty undiplomatic with it's selections.. even the highest voted wont print if the staff don't like it. You may find they seek permission prior to print, otherwise Stephen is probably correct.

    I would buy this shirt if it didn't have the Cake is a Lie banner at the bottom. It's completely unrelated to the rest of the artwork and rehashes a meme that hasn't really been funny for about four years now.

      Couldn't agree more. I'm still amazed that out of all the humor that was packed into the original Portal, "The cake is a lie" is what people quote the most from it. It was the least funny part of the game really.

        I know, right? The quote doesn't fit in with the artwork at all... ruins the shirt completely.

    I wish the cake would just quit already.

      You think the cake can just quit? In this economy? Oy-vey! How's it gonna pay the bills!

      I scrolled down to that part of the image and sighed. Really loudly, in a frustrated manner.

      They could have put literally anything else there! The whole thing has nothing to do with cake, nor promises of cake.

      Awwww =(

      Cake shall never quit. Cake will never die.
      Long live the Cake. It is not a lie.

    I don't even get the cake - i'm on a diet.

    Pin up art like that is becoming a lost art. I still look at pictures of WW2 bombers with these designs on them and wonder how the talent to draw/paint these pieces has ever gone by the wayside.

      That kind of talent is now used by concept artists for games and movies.

    Lose "The Cake Is A Lie" part, and then we'll talk.

    this could look cooler if it was one of these symbols on a polo shirt, I think.

    Do want

      There also this by the same designer for all you Metroid lovers


    Again! Excellent art ruined by an unrelated banner that adds nothing to the piece! What is that supposed to be, a reference to the "See you Space Cowboy" line from Cowboy Bebop? WHY?

    I'm not fussed about the cake but I'd love to lie with her.

    I would vote it down just because her left arm looks horrendous.

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