Sadly, Portal-Themed Combustible Lemon Does Not Actually Combust

Portal 2's Cave Johnson rants about citrus fruit in this trailer for an "Electronic Combustible Lemon", which, when ignited, plays an ominous ticking countdown followed by what I presume is the sound of lemons exploding. Sadly, the lemon itself does not explode.

The lemon's case plays the Aperture Science founder's infamous rant from Portal 2, in which he explains to listeners exactly what to do when life gives them lemons.

The bizarre gadget is on sale for $US80 over at e-commerce site Etsy.

Electronic Combustible Lemon [YouTube]


    This piece of merchandise would be perfect for some kind of Lemon themed party, or "lemon party", if you will.

    It feels like the lemon thing only became a meme because people wanted a Portal 2 meme, not because the speech was particularly memetic.

      you'd think the cake forced meme would be enough

        Well, the lemon meme is a heck of a lot better than the Space one. That one really felt like people just wanted something to use as a meme.

    This one IS combustible.
    (Zero effects added. That's REAL FLAME, REAL LEMON.)

      And yes, MY photo.

    The only problem with this is that the lemon "exploded" even though the safety lever was still held in. A grenade's fuse doesn't start ticking down until you pull the pin and let the lever fly off.

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