Sony's Changing What Your PSN Account Is Called

In an email to PlayStation Network subscribers, Sony told users that their accounts will now be known as "Sony Entertainment Network" accounts. Not that this does away with PlayStation Network as a name. Sony says PSN "will be aligned with Sony Entertainment Network".

It's a purely cosmetic change, in other words and no, it has no effect on either your PSN login, password or anything. "This transition is based on Sony's goal to enhance its unique digital entertainment offering," Sony said in an email to subscribers. "This helps us get closer to our goal of establishing a global comprehensive network platform of services across games, movies, music and more, all accessible from one convenient account."

Notably, PSN accounts on the PSP will not be given the name change. The rebranding will take effect in the next software update for the PS3, due to roll out February 8.


    Love how everyone sees an article regarding either 'Change' or 'Planned Downtime' and everyone looses their fucking minds.

      Haha yeah you're not wrong/ I like the name, its a bit more fitting, psn sounded a bit like a dirty sock. Bring on the change.

    Oh look, another useless firmware update just to change PSN to SEN. Sony just don't seem to be trying any more.

      You do realise this is more then just console firmware?

      They're changing the name so they can expand the network more.

        maybe, but I doubt it, they already distribute all of those things, I'm thinking this is more of an weak answer to the new Xbox dashboard, Sony are just attempting to make the system less appear gamey and more 'samey'

          How on earth do you draw a link between Sony renaming PSN accounts and the new XBox dashboard, which was itself a weak answer to a question that nobody asked?

            I thought it was obvious, both companies are on a quest to make the systems not just gaming devices, a quest which began when PSX's and Saturn's could play audio CDs, Xbox's New dashboard and a PSN name change are just the next logical step, now Sony can mote easily advertise its services as not just for gamers with the PlayStation name removed

          But the firmware update will not change the XMB dash in anyway. It's just changing the name. That's it.

            Dude, shut the fuck up. So you have to download an update, big deal. Get over yourself.

              I'm inclined to agree, something has been made of nothing here. Something us gamers can do very well(especially kotaku). Lets just all simmer down and have a nice cup of tea and play our games and have fun. Bickering gets neither party no where and no one is going to change opinions just because you can scream and insult louder. Time for a change people, lets try to gt along instead of threads like this constantly happning.

                whoa easy, I don't see bickering, just people discussing corporate motives that havent been been fully clarified in the article? I don't think anyone needs to be told to shut the fuck up?

                  Thank you for proving my point.

                  I really don't care what Sony want to call or change the PSN too. All I was trying to point out is that most users are sick of Sony pushing out all these updates that do nothing more but fix security issues and do miner maintenance. If you didn't like what I had to say then don't comment.

    The name change is obvious for the fact PSN won't be just for Playstation devices anymore, but for their mobile phones, tablets and the Bravia TVs, so its pointless to call it PSN and therefore SEN makes much more sense.

    is there gonna be a new logo

    From the email they sent out:

    "Thank you for your continued loyalty and support during this transition"

    Jeez man it's just a name. No one is freakin' out... are they?

      Pretty sad people if they do. All that's changing is a name. That's not a big deal in the slightest.

    meh I'll probably still call it PSN out of habit

    Can I change my PSN/SEN name yet? Please give me that damn option!!

      exactly my question! I would love that ability so much.

    Nothing more amusing than to watch than anti-Sony gamers. The fanaticism with which they criticize everything Sony does leaves me in awe.

    will they change our account names sorry but i didnt understand the email

    Well since this is happening don't we have the previlage to change are name on this so call new SEN account???

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