The Best Videos Of The Week

Have you heard that video is a big thing on the internet? It's true, we watch and post a lot of videos each week. Here are some of the best.

Game of Thrones: Swords Are Drawn

Did you guys watch Luck on HBO last night? Did you fall asleep like I did? Well, if you tuned in you saw the most exciting thing before the show even started: a new trailer for Game of Thrones. View »

Bud Light Super Bowl Ad Goes Back To The Future

It's apparently the '80s all over again, with Doc Brown's "Back To The Future" DeLorean now joining Ferris Bueller in this leaked Bud Light Super Bowl ad spot. Great Scot! View »

Pilot Saves Aeroplane And Passengers After Propeller Falls Off In Flight

A Cessna 172B pilot in Mexico had to save his plane after his aeroplane propeller detached in flight. Yes, detached. Plonk. You can see the action from the cockpit in this video, including the exhilaration and relief of the passengers at the end. View »

NASA Engineer Reveals Space Cats Secret

Brant Widgeon, an Astronomical Image Enhancement Engineer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center*, explains his experience creating all those amazing space images that leave the entire world in awe. What the entire world doesn't know is how they are really created. View »

I Can't Stop Looking At This Weird Chinese Girl Dancing In An Apple Store

This whole video of teens dancing at a Hong Kong Apple store is entertaining. But go to around 1:06 and check out the moves of the girl in white. Her face is like the face someone would make while carving an ice block into a statue of a machine gun, with a chainsaw. View »

A Car Exploding In Flames At 1000FPS Is The Most Awesome Video I've Seen Today

This is a video of 'The Stuntbusters' — Speed TV's artisanal automotive show that I think just sets crap on fire — blow up and flip what looks like a 1974-1980 MG Midget 1500 at 1000 frames per second. View »

The Simpsons' Theme Sung By One Guy Sounds Better Than The Original

I'm a sucker for these multiple-track music videos. This guy is Nick McKaig, and he's extremely good at reproducing songs using just his voice. Here's the proof: the Simpsons' theme sung a capella. View »

Hilarious Proof That Being A Race Car Driver Is Hard

You ever look at a race car driver's neck and wonder why they're usually so thick? Watch this video of a woman trying to keep her head in one place while being battered around the Abu Dhabi Yas Marina track in a two-seat Formula One car. Whiplash! View »

"Most Amazing Earth Image" From The Other Side

NASA said that their Blue Marble 2012 was "the most amazing image of Earth ever." Now they have released the other half, answering to popular demand. View »

Image: Shutterstock.


    Scratch the bud light ad. It's been pulled from yout tube. :/
    Scratch the prop falling off one. You see nothing.
    Scratch the "watch some guy use photoshop *sarcastic* whoohoo" one.
    Scratch the apple store one. If I want to see posers I'll go to .... well the apple store.
    Scratch the car exploding cause it's a setup and misses the initial explosion and the last bit. Nice cropping arses.
    Simpsons theme? You know THAT'S a paddlin. Scratched.
    And scratch the last one as it's not a video.

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