This World Record Paper Aeroplane Throw Is Completely Mindblowing...

I know this isn't about video games in any real sense of the word, but I couldn't not post this. We all love games, and at one point in our lives we've most likely tried to make a paper aeroplane — and if you have tried to make a paper aeroplane at some point, you will gaze upon this video in abject wonder, I guarantee it.

Also, I love the celebration. Just crazy. Almost as good as this one, but not quite!

Oh, and to help me justify this post, here is a flash game about paper aeroplanes!


    Mark you post something none game related again and we are going to have problems.

      Mark knew the link to gaming was paper-thin, but eventually he folded and let it fly anyway. I guess some people find stuff like this, plane annoying!

      I think we’ve all been “Dick” smacked by this blinding yellow advertising. So when I saw your name just now, I thought, “This is what it feels like when doves cry.”

        I think we've all been "Purple Rained" by this bizarre comment; and so I thought, this is what it feels like, to play all of the instruments.

          I guess that's good?

            You tell ME!.........?

        Effing hate how I click on the side panel and get sent to Dicko's site.

        I didn't notice it until I read your comment QQ

    Because all of my planes in year 7 sucked so much; I have to ask - what were the rules?

    Was that plane just made out of an A4 piece of regular paper???

      I would guess that the A4 paper used was probably thicker than the standard 80gsm you would find in the typical household printer.

    226 feet 10 inches, so in real units that's 69.138 metres!
    Quite impressive, my question is... how did he make it?

    It says he throws a John Collins designed paper aeroplane. I found this awesome link showing John Collins and some of his cool planes:!

      I tried following that to his home page, site was down from too much traffic.

        Yeah, I noticed that too! I really wanted to get some designs and start making some aeroplanes tonight.

    Thank you mark, for the Peter Weber vid, thank you!

    The guys name is Booya spelt backwards?

    In primary school, we got to make our own paper airplane using as much paper/glue/stickytape as we wanted, and the trick was to realise that the less weight you used, the further the plane would glide.

    Except I scrunched up a tonne of newspaper into a really dense ball about the size of a tennis ball, and I just hurled it and kicked everyone's asses. Except I was disqualified, because it technically didn't glide...

      You got gypped my friend, your "plane" flew under the power of your arm, and so did everyone else's, unless they just let it go, and let their planes fall.
      No difference between your ball, and everyone's planes! Geez I hate small minded people, especially small minded teachers.

      In our school competition, some of us figured out we could add blue-tack to the tip of the plane, and throw it like a dart and it went quite far!
        Yaaaaaay! Aerodynamics!!!!
        Wait, why am I the only one having fun...? Guys?

          W = Lw + Lt

          Yeah! I can design airplanes now!
          Now how do you work out Lw?

          L_w=qS_w\frac{\partial C_L}{\partial \alpha} (\alpha-\alpha_0)

          ... :\ *curls a paper ball up*

    I come to a site for video gaem news. Why no video gaem news? I am outraged.

      To be fair, he did post a VIDEO.. about a GAME of people playing "who can throw a paper plane the furthest"... :0 Fucking whiners.. I think it's awesome! I would never had seen this had he not posted it here, so kudos to Serrels!

        Funnily enough my original post went along the lines of "Just because this is a VIDEO of a GAME....". Great minds think a like. Anyway, I hope you all realised my topical parody. I think the plane throw is impressive and I watched in gleeful awe at its progress through the air.

        Speaking from personal experience, my life meant nothing until I saw that video.

    I don't care if it's not game related, as long as it's fucking cool.

      If LP or BA posted this article, the comments section would be a total sh*te storm..

        To clarify - my point being that this article is cool no matter who reported it

          ..and that certain posters get a bad rap. The end.

        hahaha was thinking the same thing.

    Why do I get the feeling if this was posted on the US Kotaku and then reposted here everyone would absolutely hate on the author to no end?

    It was this model paper aeroplane:

    Ive been using that particular design for 30 years.
    My family having their own plane we use to go to a lot of small air shows and get togethers at remote airfields. There were always paper aeroplane competitions for the kids.
    I have never lost.

      That design is what I favoured when I was a kid too, awesome!


      Who the hell said you could post!???!??!? I sure as F*** never gave you permission to....

    This just brought back memories of Glider Pro on my old apple... love that game

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