THQ Japan Closes Its Doors This Month

THQ Japan Closes Its Doors This Month
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On February 29, THQ Japan ceases its publishing operations in Japan. GameImpressWatch]


  • So I can safely assume that THQ Japan’s operations that are outside Japan will continue? Thanks Brian, always bringing that quality. The article is 10 words and you still managed to screw it up.

  • You know what? People always say well where’s your article, so i’m gonna take 5 minutes to write a better article than he did.

    As we have reported before, THQ, the well-known publisher whose major IP’s include Saints Row, Dawn of War, and Darksiders, has hit some financial turmoil in recent times (link to one of the Kotaku articles about THQ’s struggles*). The latest victim of such struggles appears to be THQ Japan, which, as outlined in this report by ImpressWatch(link to it*), will be closing it’s doors on February 29.

    THQ Japan was the hub for all THQ publishing operations in Japan, so it is unclear what this means for the future of THQ games in Japan. Prior to setting up their own subsidiary over there, THQ utilised local smaller publishing companies like Spike to publish it’s games. With the close of THQ Japan, there is speculation that it may return to these kind of agreements, or sign a bigger deal with a large publisher like Capcom to handle THQ publishing operations in Japan (link to source*).

    *Not actually posting links because that would send it into moderation and create more work for the real journalists, which I do not wish to do

    5 Freaking minutes.

  • okay, usually i’m not one who comments on these terrible articles, because usually its a funny image or video, and i think “well, he has just shown us something funny, and thats all that really needs to be seen”

    however, big news happens, and all you can do is say “oh yeah, this happened”

    jesus christ thats terrible journalism…

  • I’m usually one of the people that will tell people to stop overreacting when poor articles are posted, but seriously, there’s simply no effort in this. This is barely a Tweet…

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