Vita Launch Feels Like The 'Last Dinosaur', Says Duke Nukem Forever Designer

If anyone would know what it's like to show up late to a party it's the man that worked on Duke Nukem Forever for over a dozen years.

Fanning the flames of the smartphone versus dedicated gaming handheld debate via Twitter yesterday, Duke Nukem co-creator George Broussard compared the launch of Sony's latest shiny gaming toy to the last remnant of Earth's one-time reptilian masters stumbling into monkey town. At least that's how I am imagining it. The monkeys are all standing on two legs, crafting tools, and drinking martinis; the dinosaur (I'm thinking velociraptor) starts flailing its tiny arms in frustration.

Of course the last dinosaur showing up at the mammal party could still do a great deal of damage, unlike Duke Nukem Forever, released last year after being handed off to Gearbox Software to reviews that amounted to pages of repressed laughter.

Where the comparison really falls through, however, is the fact that the Japanese love giant lizards.


    Is he saying that the dinosaur is going to eat everyone.....? Surely you'd want to be a dinosaur in that situation?

    Is he saying that everyone is obsessed with smartphones and the way of the future, but old games and portable consoles are actually awesome, and are going to eat and munch on every single smartphone..?

    This has got to be one of the worst analogies ever lol.

      I don't think he was referring to a massive badass t-rex but more an elderly triceratops missing a leg with it's horns broken off.

        Dude, the last dinosaur wouldn't be some old, wounded triceratops. It'd be the strongest and most resilient. probably one of them Prehistoric Crocodiles/Alligators. I'd wanna be the dinosaur

          That's taking it too literally, also what's to say that it isn't some old wounded dino? The last of the strong ones could have died from excessive battle damage from fighting perhaps.

          Either way, we all get the point he was trying to make and it's a good point. The Vita is just the PSP2 and like the PSP it's gonna be the bitch to Nintendo's handheld.

            what's saying that it isn't some old wounded dino, you ask? The fact that the vita is a new piece of hardware that hasn't had much time to fight against it's competition.
            But anyhow, even a battered triceratops would destroy the early mammals.

      Your a idiot.

      Considering you have to be well aware that DINOSAURS WENT EXTINCT I think you are acting rather obtuse. Of course you know what his analogy meant. but you're defensive.

        some of the dinosaurs evolved into modern day animals.

        I have to write this because... well I have to.

        Dinosaurs did not ALL die out. We still have plenty of dinosaurs that still walk, swim, grow & fly around us. Don't be lazy & ignorant. Look it up.

    Even I admit, that was a really poor analogy for George Broussard.

    seriously who gives a flying fuck what George Broussard has to say these days? i say FO George, you lazy fat fuck.

    Id ask if he could get Duke to save everyone from said dinosaur but I doubt we wanna wait a decade...

    "Duke Nukem Forever felt like the last dinosaur showing up to a mammal convention"

    Broussard is stuck in a time warp.

    Maybe, he really means that duke is coming to vita in 7 years.

    I can sort of see where he is coming from, the PS vita although brand new feels like its coming from a dying species of dedicated portable gaming machines in the west but obviously in the east it's still well like so yer the analogy falls flat there. I just can't imagine another playstation portable coming out in the future unless it has some sort of phone capability.

    He can't really say anything can he? Certainly the pot calling the kettle black fifteen years too late.

      One could argue that he's the expert on it

    Still to early to call on the Vita but the 3DS is doing pretty good.And Duke Nuke'm wouldn't even be a dinosaur more like primevil ooze.

      Actually comparing DNF's performance against your average big name title it did better than the PSP did against the DS. So DNF would be the in-between of a dino and mammal. Sorry I had to break it to you like that but yeah...the vita is still the worst of the lot.

    Did anyone else immediately think of "Denver, the Last Dinosaur" when they saw the title?

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