Will You Forgive Dark Souls' Developers? Please?

Role-playing game Dark Souls was, for many players, the best game of last year. Yet, like many titles, there were bugs and frame-rate issues. From Software, the game's developer sure sounds unhappy about that.

"Yes, there were technical difficulties," the game's creative director Hidetaka Miyazaki told Edge. "I don't believe that it's OK to have them, but realistically speaking, it was quite a large-scale game — even in terms of budget and expectations. So we're very sorry for the trouble we've caused by our processing errors and bugs from Japan."

There isn't just a bit of Japanese humility in what he's saying — there's a lot. Miyazaki went on to add that there were areas that the development team felt like its technical side could not keep up with the game's scope. While Miyazaki might not forgive the technical issues, players seemed to be far more giving and are eagerly anticipating the next Souls title — something that might not happen.

"We don't even know if we'll have another chance," Miyazaki said. "We have the confidence that we can improve from our mistakes this time and create an even better Dark world, but we don't know if the users will forgive us for the mistakes, so I cannot give an exact answer."


Dark Matters [Edge via Eurogamer]


    The only thing I won't forgive is them not making another game.
    Oh, and changing "YOU DEFEATED" to"VICTORY ACHIEVED". :P

      I liked the "YOU DEFEATED". Gave it character.

        Exactly! Hence why I won't forgive them for that.

          WHAT! WHAT DID I DEFEAT?! OH MY GO---- oooo I have enough souls to level up

    The only frame rate issue I had was with Blight Town the rest seemed unnoticeable, and that infinite exp glitch was sort of annoying since I never got to utilise it :)

      Yeah BT was a truly bad experience. Apparently it was caused by the large amount of enemies and their path finding algorithms. I've never tested it though.

      For the love of Gwyndolin make another * Souls game, launch title on new hardware/PC please!!

        I mostly noticed it when there was no one about. When I was busy being stabbed by tough enemies it seemed fine. I heard the problem was in the rendering of all the floorboards. I suppose that makes sense, as if you make a level in Reach that has too many unsmooth edges the framerate becomes shocking.

      I just got to BT myself, and it is slow as hell, and it's really annoying, especially with all the poison stuff. Fortunately, I love the game enough to power through it.

      Perhaps the town name was a double entendre?

    That last line made me spit cereal. Funny

    The only problem I had was frame rate drop in area with the ladder and the rats under the bridge where the red dragon is. Other than that it was great!

    You know, I think the only people won't forgive them are the people that desperately want the game on PC (Guess what? It's not going to happen. Deal with it.)

    Aside from that, nobody hates you mate.

      The technical issues are more platform related, PC would be the solution :D

      also bitter old ps3 fool

        Bitter old PS3 fool? Only because you don't own one, mate.

      I own a PS3 and have DaS on it. I still think a PC version would have been great. Better, even.

    I think I would do just about anything to grab hold of the developers legs and hump them appropriately...even distributing the love. The next installment needs to punish more for dying and not let the players off the hook so easily. Yes, it allowed us to experience the entire game in one lifetime that way, but now that we've got the picture...unleash the frustrating suffering and make sure to pad those legs!!

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