Xbox Booth Babes Bundled Up With Scarfs

Say what you want about Xbox Japan — how it struggles and has a rough time — but one thing it does better than any other Japanese operation is dress its event companions.

It's not that Xbox event companions wear super revealing outfits, but rather, that they wear sensible outfits they feel comfortable in. That, as Xbox Japan told me a few years back, was by design.

This past weekend, Xbox Japan had a big event in Akihabara. It's February — cold. Kotaku's coverage is forthcoming, but in the meantime, here's a look at sensible sweaters and colourful scarfs.

コンパニオンさん(写真ギャラリー) [Kotaku Japan]


    >Thick warm tops
    >Short shorts

    Yep, those are Japanese girls alright.

    Gotta love tokyo. Always see girls in warm jackets, scarf and mini skirts....

    God bless =)

    They look like my tea towels. Wait! Where *are* my tea towels?

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