My highest score is 233 kills. Mark hasn't even cracked triple digits yet — he pulls a sad face every time he talks about his 90-ish kills. We're both on awe of Adam Ely who is ranked second on the ZiGGURAT leaderboard.

ZiGGURAT is an iOS game by Action Button Entertainment, a studio led by Kotaku US writer and game developer, Tim Rogers. We wrote about ZiGGURAT earlier in the year and Tim introduced the game two weeks ago.

Anyone who has taken the game for a spin will know how hard it is to last for more than two minutes in ZiGGURAT — the game not only borrows its aesthetic from retro games, it also borrows its difficulty from the less-forgiving games of the past. So for Adam Ely to make it to 9 minutes and 20 seconds... man. We salute you.


    dang,. like seriously i love this game and the masochism it causes. I am in triple digits, but only just.

    Why didn't anyone tell me you got to fire your giant green penis around in this game.

      Because that would ruin the giant green penis surprise DUH KLUTAR.

        What ever happened to those paintings you did Tracey?

          They are sitting in a pile on my desk. I am paralysed by indecision as to what to do with them!

            Auction them off dammit :) There were a couple I had me eye on.

    Needs inverted precision controls

    Don't worry Mark, you're a gaming God compared to me. I'm hovering around the 60 mark at the moment.

      A GOLDEN gaming god

        Hehehee, I almost put 'golden' in there but felt slightly awkward about it. :P

    I cracked 120 the other day. Might give it another bash at lunchtime.
    And then I'll play Ziggurat. oh HOOOOO!!

    In my first 5 games of this I managed to get up to about 240, but have struggled more recently to get into the rhythm of the game. Very difficult to stay focused on all the different enemies and to keep the screen clear enough to be manageable.

    Im at 160 ish and Batguy is about 240 i think? Man thats a tough game to get a decent score at. Good fun though. I want to get to 200 but not sure what i'll do after that. Good game for a buck thats for sure.

    That gets seriously epic at about 8 minutes in. Don't think I'd be able ot handle the stress of this game for more than a couple minutes.

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