More Video Game Trailers Like This Please

It's already been a week for boring, say-nothing-at-all 15 second teaser trailers, so it's nice to see a trailer for a video game that's interesting, funny, original and actually shows a video game being played by a human being.

That's an interesting thing in this day and age.

The game is VIDEOBALL, the latest game by Tim Rogers and Action Button. Tim's last game Ziggurat, on iOS, was pretty fantastic. It was a game I enjoyed a lot. VIDEOBALL is more of a same screen sports game, but it does seems to share a few elements with Ziggurat, mainly the ability to charge up an attack and BLAM, have that attack be stronger than a regular attack.

Disclosure: Tim Rogers has written for Kotaku before. Interestingly, he spent time writing reviews of actual sports games for Kotaku, which turned out to be some of my favourite Kotaku posts ever. It's interesting to see that Tim's mind was in this space whilst making a video game that mimics some elements of actual sport.

I think this game looks great and I can't wait to play it.


    That trailer was so good I had to change my pants.

    BOOM. I just made DLC.

    I should probably check this out, but was Ziggurat that game on the mountain with the up/down shooting? I thought it was a bit obnoxious, especially with the sound design. When you die it made this horrible noise!

    Still keen for this.

    Hmm, I remember having seen this years ago... am I wrong? Or did it just have an extremely long last-leg development process?

    Tell me it doesnt pause/shudder everytime someone touches the ball/ball goes in the goal. Even watching the trailer it was hard keeping focused on whats going on. Not to mention actually doing anything in game is going to be horrendous on the more confined sections of the map if indeed it pauses after every charged ball hit.

    Overall looks kinda fun but if this is indeed the case then I wont be touching it.

      I was thinking the same thing. It's so annoying when playing multiplayer on New Mario Bros Wii or U, and the game freezes for a second every time someone gets hit or picks up a power-up. It messes up the timing of my gameplay. This game, being really fast-paced, looks a thousand times worse.

      Last edited 08/06/16 1:43 pm

        Yeah, its my pet hate with those Mario games. I get they were trying to emulate where the world stops in single player when you die, but it just turns out being frustrating as shit. Especially when you're trying to time a jump or something and the game pauses...

        I dont understand why they've done it in this game though. If they wanted feedback for the hit power, there are other ways to do it without pissing off players.

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