Cruel Costumes Or Not, Tokyo Jungle Looks Great, Features Panda Sex

In Tokyo Jungle, animals try to survive and procreate in Japan's capital. The game has an array of animals (from dogs to dinosaurs), funny outfits, decaying urban sprawl, and apparently panda sex — or rather, panda mounting each other to have panda sex.

Tokyo Jungle will be out this June in Japan.

Tokyo Jungle [PlayStation]


    Looks great. I love how it looks like an arcade game.

    Mmmmm.... yeah.... nah. Maybe not. Think I'll pass on this one. Thanks anyway.

    Defiantly importing.

      I am pretty sure they will put you on some kind of Government watch-list if you do that.

    I think this might break my sense of immersion just a touch when i realise i am piloting a zebra through a platformer only to realise i should have taken the elk because i can't make that leap over the collapsed over-pass.

    ... Actually that sounds interesting - shine on Japan, you crazy diamond.

    Can't... write... Too... much... Japan...


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