Draw Something Gets Better When It's Draw Batman

Some players of Draw Something are exceptionally good at it, creating little digital masterpieces for their play partners' benefit. Then there are players like me, who have the audacity to consider their orange-ish, vaguely four-pronged blobs a reasonable representation of a tiger.

And then there's what happens when a cartoonist by trade starts playing Draw Something. Not only are his drawings better than most, but also, there's Batman.

Batman can't be fighting crime all the time, you know. Sometimes, he just needs to take a break and waterski. Or perhaps play some Jenga.

Autocowrecks: What If Every Draw Something Clue Were Drawn With Batman? [FailBlog]


    "I am starting to think you started this conversation just so you could say you are batman."

    This is only SLIGHTLY my awesome then the Adventure Time themed game I'm playing.

      Whoever you're playing against must be pretty lucky to see your awesome pictures :)

      I'm also playing with someone who just drew a pretty epic Batman earlier today (HINT: it's you)!

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