One Man's Quest To Draw Something Becomes Draw Everything

Unlike me, Bora can actually draw. And also unlike me, and unlike several million other players, Bora has stuck with Draw Something.

He's on a mission to draw every single word in the Draw Something dictionary, a quest that can end only in madness. Words repeat, and many can be quite dull. Still, as his tumblr shows, there are ways to make almost anything creative. And as a bonus, there are ways to make almost anything geeky. Some of the words Draw Something throws up are explicitly game-related, but not all. "Game Boy" does conjure a certain image, but words like "ghost" are more innocuous and open to interpretation. And yet here they sit, coming for you — but only when you face the other way, of course.

Bora's Draw Something Problem [tumblr, via Kill Screen]


    wow, hes so good at drawing the kotaku logo oh w8...

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