Epic Mickey 2 Will Be A Video Game Musical

Warren Spector is working on Epic Mickey 2. We knew that already. What we didn’t know is that it will be a musical. Falling in line with the tradition of classic Disney movies like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, the second Epic Mickey may very well be the first full-fledged video game musical.

A full-fledged video game musical.

I’ll let that sink in for a second.

OK, what? According to a report from the Associated Press this morning, Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two will feature original songs written by composer Jim Dooley and lyricist Mike Himelstein (who worked on upcoming animated film Dorothy of Oz). It will be out for Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and it will star Mickey and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who will sometimes break into song.

Yes, they’ll break into song.

“I’m such a geek about musicals,” Spector said at this year’s Game Developers Conference, as reported by the AP. “I love the co-op and next-gen stuff, but for me, when a character breaks into song, which they do on a regular basis in this game, it’s magic.”

Though Spector did not give any specifics on the type, frequency, or genre of music that will appear in his upcoming game, he did note that it will again take place in the Wasteland, Epic Mickey‘s twisted take on Disneyland. He also said they would address the first game’s camera issues, which were a common complaint when Epic Mickey was released in 2010.

“We’ve had a team working on the camera from literally the day we finished the first game,” Spector told the AP. “They’ll be working on it until the day we ship the second game. (There have been) over 1000 specific changes made to the camera. Our goal is that you will not have to touch the manual camera controls even once to play through the main story path of this game.”

This might be just crazy enough to work.

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