Exclusive First Look At The Art Of Portal 2 Book

The Portal games have been beautiful, haven't they? The first one presented a simple, clean aesthetic that worked as a great backdrop to the clever gameplay and snarky humour of Chell's battle of wits against GLaDOS. Then, last year, Portal 2 took Aperture Science's glistening white test chambers and destroyed them, letting players roam through the innards of Cave Johnson's company. And lo, it was glorious.

Now, everyone can see how Valve executed this big visual shift in Dark Horse's upcoming The Art of Portal 2, the hard cover book will feature concept art and completed vision, along with character sketches and commentary from writers, artists and other developers.

It's out on October 31 and no price has been announced yet. But, based on the scintillating art above, I'm going to say that The Art of Portal 2 will be worth whatever the price tag is. It's got pictures of space. Spaaaace!


    Love the moon one

    Yeah except the angles in the moon one don't work at all.

    If this is anything like Prima's "Half-Life 2: Raising The Bar", I'll definitely be picking it up.

    I sense some new desktop wallpapers...


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