Freddie W Has Bad News For His Younger Self

Although Freddie is missing the mark on more current complaints in gaming (Mass Effect 3, anyone?), he's definitely touching on a fairly widely accepted one: motion control gaming sucks (for the most part).

What would the younger version of yourself say on the current status of gaming? Would he/she be disappointed by an exciting idea coming to fruition in a not-so-exciting way? My younger self would be too distracted by successful dance games to care about a few misses.

Fast forward to the end for my favourite part.


    probably best video in months no pointless guns and splosions

      Wash your mouth out, heathen. Freddiew videos are ALL ABOUT pointless guns and splosions!

    I reject that motion controlled gaming has caused this generation of games to suck. Sure, the promise of the Wii and motion controlled gaming in general fell short of expectations but the few games that implemented it well I found the be thoroughly enjoyable. If anything has cause this generation of games to suck it's bug publishers and their lack of supporting fresh, new, innovative titles.

    i hate you tina

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