GAME UK Stop Refunds, Asks Customers Not To Be Violent

GAME UK Stop Refunds, Asks Customers Not To Be Violent

GAME, one of the biggest retailers of video game products in the world, is in serious financial trouble. So much so it’s had to enter administration, and part of that deal means the store can’t offer refunds or exchanges on its products.

Which looks like it’s making some people walk into the stores and be total dicks about it.

The sign below was put up at one of the affected GAME stores in Ireland, and in big letters up top it’s saying “Aggressive, threatening, abusive or violent behaviour WILL NOT BE TOLERATED”.

I’d rather not know how many times staff had to put up with that kind of business before the sign went up.

On a related note, it seems that while staff in GAME’s UK outlets are being offered decent redundancy payments, those in Ireland are being offered much less. To protest this, some staff have begun a series of sit-ins at their store, and have also launched a Facebook campaign to advertise their plight.

GAME stores facing abusive behaviour risk [MCV]


  • Perhaps they should apologise for their poor spelling. Inconvenience. Temporary. Aggressive.

    People have a right to be pissed, but no violence, folks.

  • I can see why they’re pissed. If I had reward cards I’d go nuts that I couldn’t use them. Same for gift cards.

    Man I hate GAME.

    • That feeling of impotence is everywhere, though.

      You can rant and rave and rage at the local customer service rep for whichever company just porked you. You can complain in the courts, which usually costs you a greater percentage of your income than it does the company, and still not get a result. You can never rant or rave at the CEOs, only hit them ‘where it hurts’, (their wallet) and if they’re already in administration or not, it doesn’t really matter because for some reason those guys quit during that process with golden handshakes.

      And in the end, you still have a ravaged anus. All that impotent rage isn’t getting unleashed anywhere. You can either take a breath and deal with it, or let it spill over to the next available target.

      …Some folks aren’t great at taking breaths and dealing with things.

    • If I had reward cards I’d have used them ASAP before this happened. Wouldn’t be surprised if no-one learnt a thing from the WoW Sight and Sound chain going belly-up.

  • I had to laugh. The only time gamers ever engage in threatening abusive behavior is when they’re safe behind a monitor thousands of miles away from someone they’ll never meet in reality.

    • We’re talking talking about Game UK here. If you’ve seen their stores during Fifa or Pro Evo launches.. It’s Chav central. Probably took a lot of hooligans to get these signs out up.

  • This is why the government needs to step in to get rid of points/gift cards (or at least change the rules dramatically), especially if those points are earned from trading in physical products. Best case scenario, the retailer gets an interest free loan.

    Worst case scenario, they take your games, turn it to points and fold. If they were taking stock from the publisher, the publisher would be the first in the creditor line. Because they got it from Jo Public, you don’t even count as a creditor, even though the points are basically an IOU. Total scam.

  • I just feel for the staff. Also being a gaming sales rep, it’s ridiculous the things we have to deal with, let alone within the hostile and unstable environment that GAME UK is in.
    You can go in and be angry and feel like the whole thing is unfair, but the fact of the matter is that these guys in the stores have absolutely no control over the situation they’re in, and not only do that have to deal with disgruntled customers, but they’re looking at a period of uncertainty, and possibly no jobs in the very near future
    You’d have to be pretty naive to think that your rewards and points are a certain thing, anyway. If anything, customers should have spent them sooner, yet staff still recieve and earful and are blamed for the their folly.
    People’s attitudes suck sometimes; have some sympathy for the horrible position these guys are in, and know that raging at your local sales rep isn’t going to change the world nor the business. It will probably just lead to them needing a psycologist.

  • As an 8-year retail employee, I absolutely hate it when people yell and scream at you over something that has NOTHING to do with me.
    I have absolute sympathy for the people who work at the above store – it’s not their fault their company has folded, but they’ll take all the abuse for it.

  • Look, I work at EB Games (flame, whatever) and while this might be a huge generalisation, the attitude of a LOT of of our customers is disgusting. I’ve been called such horrible things just because we don’t have a game in stock; had to deal with physical threats because I refuse to trade in their American region-coded 360 game; or simply because another game retailer in the centre shut down 6 months ago, and they think it’s personally my fault. And while it may just be a retail-in-general thing, it’s horrible to have to put up with. I feel for those people.

    Rest assured that 90% of the time, it isn’t a true ‘gamer’ that lashes out. Just a bogan wanting AFL live.

    Seriously though. Aggressive behaviour gets you nowhere. Except escorted out of the shopping centre by security.

    • You didn’t think to maybe use it a couple of weeks ago when they first started telling everyone they were going under? No sympathy for you.

  • Remind me again why it’s okay to be a dick to the people that work there? They don’t come up with company policies, they are just retail salespeople with bills and rent to pay.

    So tired of hearing 12 year olds say “LOLOLO TAKE DAT GAME XDXDXD”

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