Giant Portal Sneakers Help You Jump From Fashion's Greatest Heights

Artist Jared Sellers has been toiling away on a few sets of custom video game-related sneakers for around a year now. And the centrepiece of the collection are these incredible Portal kicks.

What were once knee-high Converse sneakers are now street-ready Long Fall Boots, complete with Portal Gun colour schemes and strappy straps to simulate the actual boots' design (though obviously streamlined so you can still sit down on the bus).

You can see more of his work at his personal site, linked below.

Jared Sellers [Portfolio]


    He needs to sell these. Nao.

    Look like cheap, raver shoes. And no, I couldn't do better, but I'm not asking for recognition either.

      Ryan, it's not your fault.

    This shit took him a year, knee high converses ,painted with some straps and a piece of cloth on it.

    Why anyone would buy these is beyond me, 30 seconds of work and you have a pair

      Learn how to read, he has been making custom sneakers for a year. Not working on just the portal sneaker for a year.

    I don't think they are very good either :/

    their not fashionable looking enough they should look prettier but he did a pretty good job at it.

    I am going nuts, please sell these!

    to all those who say they arent that good or don't look all that 'pretty' then you obviously miss the whole point of the shoes. They are PORTAL converse boots. for those who have actually played the game and love it like myself makes these boots absolutely awesome!!

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