God, I Wish I Could Buy This Mass Effect Omni Tool

Cosplay specialist Chris "ammnra" Myles, who knows a thing or two about amazing Mass Effect costumes and props, has commemorated the release of Mass Effect 3 with another piece of incredible craftsmanship.

This Omni Tool is made from laser-cut acrylic, which was then heated and manually shaped until it resembled something you could slide onto your arm and stab someone in the face with.

The colours, the texture, all of it, if you just glance at this without knowing the story, you'd think it was a piece of Mass Effect concept art of something. So good.

Omni Blade Prop [Flickr, via Rampaged Reality]


    That's real photos? Holy shit

    Now I'm positive Luke Plunkett does nothing more than simply trawl rampagedreality.com every day, look for any gaming-related content and relink it.

    What, doesn't he think the inflatable up one you could get from EB was worth it?


    want so bad! now only if it came in non-standard blue.....................

    i hate you luke

      Are you Luke Plunkett in disguise? As some sort of reverse psychology to gain some kind of advantage with this negativity spin?

      Yeah that's it =)

    "God, I Wish I Could Buy This Mass Effect Omni Tool "

    You could make your own. The only difficult part of this project is getting access to a laser cutter, beyond that all it takes is having common sense and having done tech studies in high school.

      I'd love it if that was offered at my school :( Or even its brother school.

    Ahh reddit. You never fail us.

      I am an idiot. I did not see the links at the bottom of the article. -cries in corner from shame-

    As someone who owns and daily operates a laser cutter and a laser engraver, this blows my freakin mind.
    One thing I'll say is this thing would be so fragile, that it might not be able to support it's own weight doing anything but sitting perfectly still.
    Acrylic is very fragile and I can see weak points all over this baby, so wearing this as part of a costume (especially considering how much this would cost) would never really be feasible.

    does it make the ending better .. LOL !

      Unless you own and daily operate a laser cutter and engraver that requires full manual control, this will not blow your "freakin mind"

      The dude has insane skills based on his other work but this? He would've spent 20 mins making the design on a computer, the laser cutter would have done the rest save for his heat shaping which would've been done in under an hour using molds he'd have from previous costumes.

      For anybody with a remotely creative bone in their body, this is piss easy. My previous comment sums it up; "The only difficult part of this project is getting access to a laser cutter".

    i just bought one of these today from amnra! I love it!

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