Yes, This Is The Actual Dr. Who Using A Mass Effect Omni-Tool

Here's Matt Smith, the current Time Lord in the BBC's Dr. Who, at this year's Comic-Con, was spotted sporting one of Mass Effect's fancy omni-tools. Just in case your in-progress fan fic cross-over needed a little more inspiration.

Comic-Con [Crabcat Industries]


    Dr Who just keeps getting younger.

    He's not the actual Doctor Who, just an actor who plays him.

      Yeah. The actual Dr Who looks a lot more like Tom Baker than this guy does.

      The doctors name isn't doctor's just "the doctor" doctor who is a question that is asked in the more recent episodes...just sharing...

    Wish I got paid to look at Reddit all day

      It's the internet. Being first only ever happens in comments. Get over it.

        I think his point is that Luke Plunkett literally does nothing but scan Reddit and Tumblr for linkable stuff like this to repost on Kotaku with 1-2 sentences and calls it a day.

    Bet he gets ubducted and faces being sacraficed for some silly reason by the religious group. Again. (as in The Doctor faces that, 4th Doctor had it happen to him twice, don't think matt smith has had that yet..) he calibrating it?

      yes.... with his mind

    Gah. It's not 'the Dr. Who' it's just The Doctor.

    Yeah. Very nitpicky, but it 4:30am and goddamn it, his name isn't Doctor Who.

      Could not agree more, Hi I'm The Doctor, and basically RUN!"

      He even calls himself The Doctor

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