How To Make 10 Million Sound Like An Unimpressive Number

At GDC, Sony engineer Gabe Ahn proclaimed that 10 million PlayStation Move units have been shipped to retailers since the motion-control system was released in late 2010.

Yeah, that's "shipped," not necessarily "sold," but we can infer a decent portion of them have at least cleared shelves. Of course, included in that total is the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller, which is basically useless with a move game, except to provide a more ergonomic secondary control and a means of going through menus and selecting options.

Ahn said the figures showed an attachment rate of 1 out of every 6 PS3 owners buying a Move controller. I'm not sure why one of them would buy a Navi controller and not a Move wand. I'm sure many bought both, and still others bought two Move wands and a navi controller. 10 million sounds good next to the 18 million Kinect is reporting, but Kinect is a single device.

New PlayStation Move Sales Data Revealed [IGN]


    Can't help thinking Sony shot themselves in the foot by making the Move controller setup so similar to the Wii. It's not very well differentiated and hard to see what it brings (if anything) that's new.

      Maybe they thought they could capitalize on people who complained the Wii hardware was getting really old, so they brought out a product that had a similar set up bundled with current gen graphics.

        It's in Sony's design to copy the great aspects of Nintendo, to make money of course. Nintendo were the first to have analogue sticks, rumble features, touch screens, handhelds, wireless, motion sensor gaming, right? But if these things prove successful, as they have, why not create with inspiration from other work? Wouldn't you agree there's no 100% originality in any market?

          +1 to this - Sony's main innovations of the last 15 years were probably the EyeToy and SingStar!

            I'd say Sony's major contribution was Dual Analogue.

    I'd like to see a stat on the total number of Moves, Wii's and Kinects which are now gathering dust after an initial few months of fun. My guess would be "lots".

    Might have to get it clarified, because I think Sony and everyone moved to actual numbers, so even if they say 'shipped' it still means sold, but yeah, either way 1 in 6 isn't a terrible result.

      Probably more like 1 in 12 (assuming sales of 1 navigation controller for each Move dildo wand thing). Still not too bad for an add on, but like I said above I'd question how many of them (or any of the motion controllers) are actually still being used.

    if sony want to make Move, erm, move, then they should have included a microphone in the controller so it could be used as a wireless mic for singstar, then smash out a bunch of buzz games using the move controller and voila.. at least 2 controllers in every family environment with a 13yo

    This is actually still impressive to me even given the above mentioned stats, especially considering I haven't met a single person that's owned one and haven't seen any games that used it exclusively, although the same could be said for kinect even with families I know who bought a wii, maybe they just aren't popular in australia though...

    I still use Move every now and then - but only with two games, Killzone 3 and Sports Champions. ( I do have more which support it, however.)
    That's pretty telling - it's not that the hardware sucks, because it absolutely doesn't - it's that there aren't many "hardcore" games that are actually made better by it.
    The exact same is true of Kinect.

    10 Million units are also sitting on the bottom shelf of game stores around the world...

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